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Career Mode Suggestions.

by Dimitri88Vegas

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Career Mode Suggestions.

Hello everyone! Today I present an idea that we have been doing for 3 years in the FIFA forum in Spanish, and this year it has been able to be brought here, with the aim of gathering all possible ideas about the manager career mode so that in the next FIFA may be included.


Below you will find a list divided into 2 parts to facilitate reading, those ideas are the product of the ideas of the spanish speakers AHQ players through the years (including myself), every year, the already added ones are removed and new and innovative ones are added.


If you want to provide your personal ideas, remember to do it clearly, having previously read the others to avoid repetitions, also, remember that this isn't the place to deal with bugs within the mode, only ideas.



Ideas about features already included.


  • To have the option to decide which players can go to the International Team and who can not.
  • Having more options when sending a recruiter, not only those of "extreme", "physically strong", but send by position / set of similar positions.
  • To be able to make assignments with purchase option at the end of it.
  • That the players do not arrive on the same day they were purchased.
  • Have an option, or news window, where we can see how the life of the players we have sold or transferred (at the information level) goes.
  • Let the commentators mention that a player has reached 100 (or other amount) of matches / goals with the club.
  • Have access to a list of players that we can sign for free with less than 6 months of contract.
  • Being able to start conversations with players without sending a message first, so we can, for example, motivate them when they have an injury.
  • To be able to talk about a player in our conferences and thus increase his morale, without waiting for the press to mention it.
  • Being able to respond to the criticism of other managers in their conferences, something that happens in reality.
  • That the conferences do not always have 3 questions, that have the amount according to the match / moment of the season.
  • Players should occasionally have personal / family problems, unable to count on them for the next game.
  • To be able to send many recruiters to the same country.
  • That you can pay for treatment so that the injured recover sooner.
  • Explain the potential that players have to know if we have increased it by giving it a lot of play, also to remember it once we have signed it (in the case of the basic forces).
  • In the case of taking a player to the team and getting injured, that the club charges us a fine, as in reality.
  • In players of the basic forces, especially those under 16, show their date of birth, in order to know when they can be uploaded to the first team.
  • Include in the information of the players of my club, the amount of goals, titles, assists, matches, etc. since he arrived at the club (historical).

Ideas about new features.


  • Depending on the level of our club, the sponsors come to us, being able to charge them.

  • To be able to invest in the stadium, make facilities that increase the value of the entrance, Wifi, Amenities, Screens.

  • Have the possibility to buy small clubs and make them subsidiaries of their own, exchanging players or transferring their own.

  • That the players of the basic forces change their faces with the passage of time, according to their age.

  • Be able to start a career mode with a created team, to which we can choose a name, shield, shirt, and even create the players inside, added to a budget according to the league in which we want to be, league from which it will be eliminated A random or manual team.

  • Organize pre-season friendlies against the club, country, stadium we choose.

  • In the leagues that require it (such as Argentina, for example), set the limit of foreigners allowed.

  • Be able to play a Cooperative Career Mode with a friend, or many in the same "world", where you can compete at the table and in signings with friends.

  • To be able to simulate the matches of the career mode but that can be seen, as if you were really the DT and be able to make changes when we believe it necessary.

  • At the end of each season, we could modify the shirt or touch up the location of minimal details, such as Captain's Ribbon, Shield, Brand, Advertising.

  • To have the option to control what advertising is shown on the posters that line the playing field, according to our sponsors.

  • During the week, be able to choose between training players (what is already), or access the free court. In which you can play 11v11 of the club, make ready plays, fouls, penalties or just try players.

  • In training, we should be able to improve the bad leg, skill stars and be able to accustom them to other positions.

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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

★★★★★ Novice
Career mode doesn't change anything.

EA only cares about the money-making ultimate.
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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

★★★★★ Guide

1 - beta test it properly this time

2 - see 1

also fix scheduling - 4 games in a week is stupid and been there 10 years. let me sell my youth off? their deals never go through. also make any patches do you do not have to restart the bloody career every time maybe? so frikkin lazy with patches. 

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Fifa 21 idea

★★ Guide

Hi we need an option to choose whether we want the free kick or not. I'm tired of playing on and getting the ball into a goal scoring opportunity for the ref to say oi get back over there and take a free kick.. 


Also is there going to be any form of dynamic difficulty adjustment in fifa21. We dont want it at all. A modified version of it is in squad battles and no one likes it. So please remove that garbage from a game we spend so much money on. Please we dont want it.


Another one is something to make gameplay more consistent.  I understand these things happen but not 50% chance to have poor gameplay/lag . Its nearly 2020 and we still have lag. It shouldnt be a thing.

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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

[ Edited ]
★★★ Apprentice

I think making the mode actually playable and not full of game breaking bugs would be a nice feature. Ideally I think that should be done before selling the game.

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Player career mode missing features

★★★ Novice

I have been a fan of fifa career mode for a while now, but the fact is that EA isn't making any major changes to career mode. I think that EA should be focussing on some missing features, like the simple fact of starting on the bench in player career mode. Right now you can be in the starting 11, or not be selected at all. This of course has to be a feature because otherwise it is just not realistic.


Another feature that I feel like would be so great for career mode players is the possibility of a coop career mode, where you and a friend can both start a career mode, at different clubs, and just improve side by side. And of course when those clubs meet, you can play eachother. You can only play this career mode together and you'll just have to wait till your friends game has ended to go to the next day and vice versa.


Please let me know what your guys vision is on this and if you guys have any other ideas.

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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

★★★★ Apprentice
@koFFeboi Agree!!

This is for me the only thing that has to be done: just deliver a game without the faults. I only played FIFA20 for 1 week this year. I only play Career Mode and that was broke from day 1, it was "fixed" for 1 week and again you broke it after a patch. I absolutely don't know what you're doing at your company.

Before I ever buy this game again, you have to prove yourselves.

Thank you.
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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

★★ Apprentice

Yes, it is nice to make sweet dreams but FIFA18 Carreer Mode worked (better) while FIFA20 CM does not !

And our topic with technical issues about the CM has jsut been shut down, EA jugding they have done enough with the 6 patches so far which basically fixed.... NOT A SINGLE CRITICAL BUG so far !

So yes they have done their job, receiving a sh*t storm and leaving a topic open for some time for people to complain and then close it because anyway they NEVER intended to do ANYTHING about the CM in FIFA20.


Thanks for the Game, EA, it's like EA... what  ? Ah yes, EA GAMES ! well not having fun with this FIFA20. And that kind of pisses me off...

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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

★ Novice

Why doesn't the TV channel feature on all matches?


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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

★ Guide

Hi all, I think to be honest, the big issue I'm still having is the fact that the best teams virtually win every game which is rather unrealistic. It went literally from one extreme to the other and I would love to know when the healthy balance will be restored. Obviously we want to generally see the best teams winning but ahem but not every single game lol


Cheers guys and looking forward to the feedback

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