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Re: Can you rate my house?

by VintageStarlette

Original Post

Can you rate my house?

★★★★ Novice

Hey everyone! Can any of you rate my house from 1-100 on sims mobile? I'd love to see all your ratings. Not really that good at building but I hope you like it

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Re: Can you rate my house?

★★ Expert

Hi, @jjohnn17! I'm gonna cop out on giving you a number rating, but I'll share my opinion with you! 


I think you have a lovely start there. You're working within your chosen color scheme, using only pieces that fall within that range. Your furniture placement looks great, especially considering your limited space and inventory. From what I can see, it looks like you've got some landscaping going there. That's always a must!


One thing threw me off a bit: When I first opened your screenshot, the thing that jumped out at me was your interior walls. You've got two patterned walls right next to each other with a solid on the other end. It was a bit confusing to my eye. Maybe consider a solid for your bathroom, or maybe try the stripes in the bedroom? Just a suggestion—feel free to ignore!


Keep up the awesome work! And thanks for sharing your progress! 🖤


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Re: Can you rate my house?

★★★★ Novice

Thank you for your opinion! I really appriciate it and thanks for the tips so i could be able to improve it

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Re: Can you rate my house?

★★★ Guide

Hi there!


I really like your colour scheme as well, and trust me, your house looks way better than mine did at the Best Nester level, so you've done a great job!


If I can add a suggestion too, I'd say that your bathroom looks a bit "empty" to me, it looks a bit too big compared to the living room. Unless you're waiting to install a bath tub there, I would suggest to reduce the size of the bathroom while increasing the size of the living room. But again, it's just my opinion! Standard smile

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Re: Can you rate my house?

★★ Expert

@jjohnn17  Please share updates of your progress every now and then! I adore the design process and seeing what creative ideas our friends come up with.


@KodamaTreeSpirit  Excellent suggestions there. I remember all too well the days when all those fancy glamour items were WAAAAAY beyond my budget. I remember tasking the mess outta my Sims trying to save up enough for that Monarch set. 😳 Nothing less than the best for my starlettes! 😄

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Re: Can you rate my house?

★★★★ Novice

Thanks for the tip. I also thought that the bathroom was way too big. I think I just really wanted to have both the bedroon and bathroom to be exactly the same size. Thanks again.

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Re: Can you rate my house?

★★★★ Novice

@VintageStarlette @KodamaTreeSpirit I'll be sure to update you guys about it and thank you both again for the tips. Standard smile

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Re: Can you rate my house?

★★ Guide

Not bad. 46

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