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Can't Access Transfer Market On Web App

by LIQUID_Cesar

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Can't Access Transfer Market On Web App

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I just created my FUT club by purchasing Origin Access Basic so i can use 10 hours trial and create my FUT Club because Web App haven't let me log in before i create my FUT19 Club.However i created my FUT Club and now i can access into Web App and Companion App but i can't access transfer market neither on Web App nor Companion.It tells me that i gotta keep playing FUT19 to open transfer market.Well fun fact is i can access the transfer market in the game but i can't access it on Web App or Companion.Please don't tell me that i gotta keep play because i already finished 8 matches on online rivals and i have limited time on trial like 4 hours.When is it going to unlock?

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Re: Can't Access Transfer Market On Web App

Community Manager (retired)

Hey @LIQUID_Cesar


Unfortunately, we don't have any specific information about requirements to unlock the transfer market on Web App nor we cannot unlock it manually for a player. Just like the message stated - you simply need to play more FIFA 19 to get access to it on your Web App.



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Re: Can't Access Transfer Market On Web App

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so it can be up to 50 matches? i have finished only 9 so far and my trial is gonna end very soon
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