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The fire’s still burning. Firestorm additions, the Mercury map, new rewards, and more are coming in the latest Chapter.


As covered in our first FAQ article, Chapter 3: Trial by Fire contains a ton of additions, all evolving Battlefield™ V* with fresh ways to play. Burning hot modes, maps, weapons, and challenges have been coming your way – and more is on the way before Chapter 4: Defying the Odds picks up the torch in June.


In this post, we’ll recap how Chapter 3: Trial by Fire has evolved Battlefield V and what it still has to offer.



What is Chapter 3: Trial by Fire?
Trial by Fire is the third Chapter of Battlefield V. Delivered as free updates to owners of the game, Chapters bring several new ways to experience our take on WW2, through maps, modes, missions, and more – some exclusive to the duration of the Chapter, some permanent.

What is Firestorm and how will it evolve?
Firestorm is battle royale, reimagined for Battlefield. Following its launch at the beginning of Chapter 3, it’s been thrilling to follow your fights on Halvøy – the largest Battlefield map we’ve ever made.


On May 21, you’ll see some exciting Firestorm additions, including three fresh locations on the vast map: Watchtowers, the Blue Forest, and the Excavation Site.


The concrete watchtowers of the former have been constructed along the southwest coastline, between Baldr’s Point and Guderos. The significance of the towers is yet unknown, but it's obvious that the strategic value of the peninsula has been re-evaluated. Blue Forest consists of a secluded forest area, suddenly in full blossom. It has been speculated that the unusually early spring in the region is somehow related to the recent geological activity. Head to the west side of the dam and admire the bloom. Finally, Excavation Site contains a large area that unexpectedly appeared on Halvøy. You'll find this in the mountainous terrain south east of the quarry. 


You’ll also be able to locate even more powerful loot in Firestorm, as we’re introducing the first Gold Tier weapons – including the Boys AT Rifle. Nicknamed the "elephant gun," this rifle has some serious stopping power and will give players the means to attack enemy vehicles. Gold Tier weapons can be found in safes, lockers, and supply drops – if you’re lucky.

All of the above adds to the Firestorm improvements recently implemented, such as a better looting system, a spiced-up Victory Screen, various gameplay and visual fixes, and much more. Want more detail? The Update Notes page holds all intel.


Any updates to Combined Arms?
Yes, the co-op action of Combined Arms was recently updated with two new missions set on the Fjell 652 map: Death from Above and High Intelligence. We’ve added matchmaking, too – so now you can join forces with online friends and not just those on your friends list. Learn all about this update by reading our Combined Arms article.


What are Elites – and are more coming?

An Elite is a soldier character skin of Legendary rarity that enables you to bring more personality to the battlefield with signature looks, voices, and melee weapons. Elites can be obtained with Battlefield Currency but won't affect gameplay.


On April 30, the first two Elites were added to Battlefield V: Seamus Byrne and Ernst Schubert. Get to know the reckless member of the British Irish Guard and the cold, calculated pathfinder better by heading to the Elites page.


Two more Elites are coming later in Chapter 3: Trial by Fire. Stay tuned for more info on these larger-than-life characters coming to the battlefield.


What is the Mercury map and when will it arrive?
Arriving on May 30, the Mercury map will let you experience unexplored fronts as the fight moves to Mediterranean. Along the Cretan coast, you'll take on massive battles between Allied and Axis forces based on the real-life events of Operation Mercury. Prepare for a dynamic, vertical map which fans of Monte Grappa (Battlefield™ 1) and Altai Range (Battlefield™ 4) should love.


What is Outpost mode and when’s it coming?
Coming on June 13, Outpost is a multiplayer mode where the two teams compete to be the first to reach a set number of recruits. Earning recruits is done by constructing radio towers on the map. Use your toolbox to build and upgrade these objectives – and plant explosives to destroy those belonging to the enemy.


Is Squad Conquest mode back now?
Yes! This fast-paced, 8-versus-8 take on Conquest proved popular, so it's still available. In Squad Conquest, two pairs of opposing squads compete to strategically capture and hold flags until they exhaust the enemy team of their Respawn Tickets.


Will there be more mode variants like Grind?
Yes! We're adding more of these twists on existing multiplayer modes based on new ideas and community wishes. The next mode variant is called Fortress and will go live on May 16. A variant of Breakthrough, Fortress centers around only one sector with multiple flags. The attacking team is assaulting this single position and the defenders need to see them off using team play and Fortifications.


What are the Weekly Challenges in Chapter 3?
There are 12 Weekly Challenges in Chapter 3: Trial by Fire. Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock awesome weapons, skins, and other items by completing tasks on the battlefield. You can find a detailed list of the Chapter’s remaining six weeks, their tasks, and their rewards on the Chapter 3 page. Rewards like the P08 Carbine, the Boys AT rifle, Company Coin, and more are waiting for you!


Are you updating the arsenal of the Medic Class?
Yes, we’re expanding the arsenal of the Medic class with the introduction of the bolt-action carbine. During Chapter 3, you’ll be able to unlock two weapons of this type: the Commando Carbine and the Tromboncino M28. Initially, these guns will only be available by completing their respective Weekly Challenges, but they may appear later in the Armory for a limited time, too.


Will you make it easier for new players to learn the game?Yes, new players coming into Battlefield V will be given an explanation of what the game has to offer and will be offered a Basic Training segment before jumping into the heat of multiplayer. After training, new players can test their mettle in a match of Squad Conquest. Battlefield V can be a complex beast for newbies and there's a lot of choices to be made, so we hope this will help players get their bearings.


What are Special Assignments and which ones are coming with Chapter 3: Trial by Fire?
Special Assignments are sets of mini-challenges where you can earn rewards by completing a set number of tasks. Head to the Assignments in the main menu and pick which Assignments you want to pursue. There are big chunks of Chapter XP to be earned, so give it your best. Below are the Special Assignments that are exclusive to Chapter 3: Trial by Fire.


Dirty Work (Complete one of two)

  • Kill 25 enemies
  • Kill 15 enemies in a round
  • Reward: 7,400 Chapter XP

Ready to Go (Complete one of two)

  • Play five rounds of any game mode
  • Win two rounds playing any game mode
  • Reward: 7,400 Chapter XP

Focused Fire (Complete one of two)

  • Kill five enemies with a secondary weapon
  • Kill three enemies with secondary weapon headshots
  • Reward: 7,400 Chapter XP

Among the Ashes (Complete one of two)

  • Finish at 32nd place or better in Firestorm
  • Open a supply drop in Firestorm
  • Reward: 7,400 Chapter XP

Marked for Death (Complete two of three)

  • Kill 25 enemies while in an objective area
  • Kill 20 enemies in one round
  • Kill 10 enemies in one life
  • Reward: 14,500 Chapter XP

Trailblazer (Complete two of three)

  • Kill ten enemies in Firestorm
  • Revive a squad member in Firestorm
  • Activate a Vehicle Breakout in Firestorm
  • Reward: 14,500 Chapter XP

Dirty Work (Complete two of three)

  • In one life, kill 20 enemies while in an objective area
  • Win 10 rounds
  • Finish at 8th place or better in Firestorm
  • Reward: 30,000 Chapter XP

What Chapter Rewards do I get for earning Chapter Rank in Chapter 3: Trial by Fire?
You’ll earn at least one Chapter Reward for each time you reach a new Chapter Rank. Here’s a complete list of the Chapter 3 rewards:


  • Chapter Rank 1: Trial by Fire Emblem (Common)
  • Chapter Rank 2: Scorched Weapon Set – Full Auto Prototype (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 3: Scorched Weapon Set – Sten Gun (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 4: Scorched Weapon Set – KE7 (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 5: Scorched Weapon Set – Lee-Enfield No. 4 (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 6: Special Assignment #1
  • Chapter Rank 7: Scorched Weapon Set – M30 Drilling (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 8: Scorched Weapon Set – Bren Gun (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 9: Scorched Weapon Set – MP 40 (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 10: Scorched Weapon Set – StG 44 (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 11: Special Assignment #2
  • Chapter Rank 12: Firestarter Allied Headgear (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 13: Firestarter Axis Headgear (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 14: StuG IV Vehicle Skin (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 15: Valentine AA Vehicle Skin (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 16: Special Assignment #3
  • Chapter Rank 17: Firestorm Facepaint (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 18: Spitfire MKVB vehicle skin (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 19: JU88C Vehicle Skin (Uncommon)
  • Chapter Rank 20: Survivalist Allied Soldier Set Parts – Torso and Legs (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 21: Survivalist Axis Soldier Set Parts – Torso and Legs (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 22: Special Assignment #4
  • Chapter Rank 23: StuG IV Vehicle Skin (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 24: Valentine AA Vehicle Skin (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 25: Spitfire MKVB Vehicle Skin (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 26: JU88C Vehicle Skin (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 27: Special Assignment #5
  • Chapter Rank 28: Ember Weapon Skin Set – Lee-Enfield No. 4 (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 29: Ember Weapon Skin Set – Bren Gun (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 30: Firestorm Facepaint (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 31: Special Assignment #6
  • Chapter Rank 32: Scavenger Allied Soldier Set Part – Headgear (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 33: Scavenger Axis Soldier Set Part – Headgear (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 34: Special Assignment #7
  • Chapter Rank 35: Ember Weapon Skin Set – StG44 (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 36: Ember Weapon Skin Set – MP 40 (Rare)
  • Chapter Rank 37: AKA Allied Soldier Set Part – Legs (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 38: AKA Allied Soldier Set Part – Torso (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 39: AKA Allied Soldier Set Part – Head (Epic)
  • Chapter Rank 40: Fire Rake Melee Weapon

I may not have time to unlock all Chapter 3 Rewards by climbing Chapter Rank. Can I still get them somehow?

Yes. At the end of Chapter 3: Trial by Fire, we’re introducing Chapter Reward Catch-ups.Purchased with Battlefield Currency, the Catch-ups will let you unlock Chapter Rewards without reaching their associated Chapter Ranks. All Chapter Reward tiers from Chapter 3 will be available for purchase until Chapter 4 starts. Prized at 150 Battlefield Currency per tier, Chapter Reward Catch-ups will be available on Battlefield V ‘s Chapter Rewards screen.


All in all, there’s lots to be done, earned, and enjoyed as your Trial of Fire continues. No matter what part of Battlefield V you’re engaged in, we hope Chapter 3 will keep being a great experience.


– Jonas Elfving






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The additions to Firestorm sound great and I can only assume part of the larger EE's will go live too (fingers crossed*)

Mercury looks awesome, looks almost like Heligoland Bight and Suez('s building zergs) had a baby with added pops of colour.

DannyonPC showed a video of someone who was able to obtain the new Boys AT gun - as a gold tier gun I sure hope it does a lot more damage than what was in that video.

Outpost seems interesting, almost a king of the hill type of mode - should take a lot of teamwork to win which is always a good thing.

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★★★★ Guide

Thanks information.😉👍

New update Fun .

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