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C&C rivals 4 player FFA

by Shinerplunderer

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C&C rivals 4 player FFA

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C&C RIvals FFA.jpg

I made a custom preview map of a 4 player free for all that could also be played as a two on two. This map is so big, that for devices that are small, one would have to scroll around. If said device is big, the map will just look compressed. A unit would look like its 25% smaller in this map. For a map this big, the timer has to be shifted to 20 minutes, otherwise it would just be a tie for like 2 to 3 players.

The rules to this map is somewhat complex. If the map is played on a two on two, one of the missile silos will be disabled.

Each color represents something:

Blue, Purple, Orange and Yellow are the FFA players. If its a 2 on 2, blue and purple are allies and so on.

The deck size and base durability is increased here. Instead of a standard 6 deck and 2 hits with missile, its a 9 deck with 4 hits for a missile.

Green, as always is tiberium, gray is the launch pads (some of them so large that opposing enemies can hold it both without a fight), white are the rocks only aircraft can pass through and red are the silos.


If its a free for all, there are these rules that apply to the missile silo:

If all pads are contested or vacant, no missiles are prepared

If one player is holding the launch pads, the 3 missiles each aim at a different base.

If two players holds the same amount of pads, then one gets disabled and the other 2 aim for the other bases.

If three players hold the same amount of pads, either 1 or 2 missiles get disabled and the rest aim for the base that's not holding a pad.


If one player hold more pads than another, one missile gets disabled and the other two aim at both "the player with the fewer pads" and one "randomly on the players who didn't"

same scenario goes if one player holds more pads than 2 other players. But instead the missile either aims at the one who is not controlling a pad or to both players who has greater than zero pads and less than the ones that the alpha player holds.

Alpha player means that the person who is holding the most pads, which can shift rapidly under the right conditions.


If its a 2 on 2, it will act like a regular match, but its Co-op, either by the same player using both GDI and Nod or by two players. If one side controls the pads, two missiles will aim at the opposing team, one for each base. In the case of Co-op, allies can move their units over one another and they receive less splash from their allies. I mean a flame tank attacks 2 enemy zone troopers while an ally shock-wave trooper helps in such a way that he is exposed to the flames.

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Re: C&C rivals 4 player FFA

EA Community Manager

Thanks for sharing, this is a very cool and creative idea Standard smile

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Re: C&C rivals 4 player FFA

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Setting up the code for the free for all will be the troublesome part. I think this would work well as a Co-op match, e.g. a high ranking player teaching his ally how to defend, scout and micro. It might be even possible for a player to use his GDI and Nod deck at the same time. Wonder what strategies will occur if you mix GDI and Nod units? I often like mixing GDI and Nod units, it seems Nod's anti-infantry boosts GDI's lack of anti-infantry. I mean, have you ever seen a flame tank assist a mammoth tank?

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Re: C&C rivals 4 player FFA

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Also, according to the image, orange is performing a bike rush, blue is defending from it; yellow is performing a basic infantry scout, and purple is doing a advanced talon scout. I mean if a talon were to be used for scouting, can any unit chase it and destroy it?

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Re: C&C rivals 4 player FFA

★★★ Guide

Cool hope Redwood can get you.

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Re: C&C rivals 4 player FFA

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Me?! as in hire me? I have great ideas but I lack the knowledge to code games. I'm a bsit graduate and I used my knowledge into this... sounds stupid, but I'm pretty good at it. I am however willing to learn from an expert coder to fix and tweak the game, even to the point of asking for below minimum salary. I tend to hoard money and is somewhat cheap at using it. I want EA's money crisis solved, and that can only be done by increasing the playerbase. Increase this and for sure more will pay. I would suggest good players in C&C rivals to start streaming their games so more will come. We need the developrs and top players to cooperate and fix the game! I'm not wasting my money for this, but if I get hired, Ill agree for my less than minimum salary and some extra gems for my account. Maybe 20 per paycheck.

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Re: C&C rivals 4 player FFA

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I feel as if this idea of mine needs tweaking. I mean @EA_dance210 loved the idea, it wasn't fit for a small tablet. Also I'll cut the FFA in preference of the 2 on 2 Co-op. Hold on, I'll be posting aniother idea with a modified image.

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Re: C&C rivals 4 player FFA

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Nice idea. Would be cool to see it implemented in one way or other.

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