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Re: Bug or something else!?

by IIPrest0nII

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Bug or something else!?

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Hello guys!

So, i saw a lot of people have got problem with the weapon damage when you shoot the enemy it doesn't hit them. sometimes i have got this problem too. Is this server prob. or game problem after the patch?! I don't want to write a bug report firstly i want to know what the community thinks about it ! Standard smile

Thank you for the answers guys! And see ya on the battlefield :D

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Re: Bug or something else!?

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Hello @jok3rzye

Well, I don't have similar issues with hit detection like you have. After latest update for Battlefield 1 I lately experience "kill trading" and I think DICE is still working on improving Netcode. At the moment DICE working on improving connectivity for US and Hong Kong in Battlefield 1 CTE


                                                                                                    I DON'T WORK FOR EA.

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Re: Bug or something else!?

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i believe it has to do with the servers and whether you have a high/low ping

before the last patch i think high ping players were better off

since the patch low ping players should be favoured

do you know your ping?


before the patch i had real problems with this but since the patch game feels so much better and my kd has much improved with more hits registering


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Re: Bug or something else!?

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Ok, i see but before the patch it was better i think Standard smile

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Re: Bug or something else!?

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@dreadpiratedylan My ping is 40 so i don't think the ping is the problem :S In my opinion something went wrong with the update cuz a lot of people met this bug Frown

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Re: Bug or something else!?

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for a lot of people like me before the patch we had all those problems and since, so far the game for us has improved, but there are a lot of people who had a great experience before and now are suffering, dice are trying to get the net code right for everyone but right now it is a pain


while you play are you connected via ethernet cable?

if not try that if you can

make sure you play local

and no one else using your net


if your ping is 40 you should be ok so it maybe something else? interference? 


and check out westie on youtube he usually has good upto date info on these things

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Re: Bug or something else!?

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I only had this issue once, I could kill with gadgets and vehicles but not with guns....SO frustrating. So I reset my router, modem, and game and haven't had the issue since.

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