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Bought a "Mechanized Menace Mega-Pack" by mistake

by PsSDFshf744kl

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Bought a "Mechanized Menace Mega-Pack" by mistake

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Bought a "Mechanized Menace Mega-Pack" by mistake, when finishing all my daily quests.

How do a "return" it?

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Re: Bought a "Mechanized Menace Mega-Pack" by mistake

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Hey @PsSDFshf744kl, can I confirm if the pack was purchased with crystals or money? If crystals, I'd ask you to contact the EA Help team with an in-game help ticket so they can look into this for you. If it was with money, you'd need to contact either Apple support (iOS) or Google Play Help (Android) for more assistance with this.


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Re: Bought a "Mechanized Menace Mega-Pack" by mistake

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Hi EA_Lanna,


Thank you for the reply, it was in in-game crystals I by accident bought the pack.


I tried using the "in-game" (not an in-game option, but redirects to a webform) help ticket, its not very user friendly but cumbersome and time consuming Frown


When I get redirected to from the "in-game" help, I can't figure out what I should report this as either. nothing covers my issue.


I did make a ticket at EA Help a week or so ago on this, but was also redirected to the "in-game" help Frown

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Find and tap Contact Support in-game under Settings, or contact us on EA Help.

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