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Re: Block notifications from other apps

by MarineCpI

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Re: Block notifications from other apps

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@MarineCpI wrote:
@EinarThePillagerI’m talking about disabling Notifications while playing with Do Not Disturb. You don’t need CC Rivals notifications about bounties. You’ll see them after each game.

I’m not sure what you mean in regards to other apps. You can always disable notifications on a specific app for good through settings.

Could an app be able to slip past the do not disturb notification so that it would bother you when it wants? If this was the case, you'd need to personally intervene so you can't be bothered while doing some bounties. Right now, the best answer is your answer as you can simply place it in do not disturb before performing the bounties and then undo the changes after doing the bounties. C&C Rivals should have a built in feature that disables other notifications for you if you are running the app. Might be intrusive, but it will prevent players from leaving a match by accident when playing some hard core you want to win it matches against a tougher player.

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Re: Block notifications from other apps

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I’m fairly sure that Do Not Disturb only works when your phone is asleep. Not while you’re using it. 

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Re: Block notifications from other apps

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@AlphonseDisciple Not on an iPhone.
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Re: Block notifications from other apps

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@MarineCpI Yes, on an iPhone.
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