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Re: Behavior Changes

by sushicrow

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Behavior Changes

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Anyone else notice changes in Sim behavior - both NPC and you Sim? I don't if it started after the most recent patch or if it was before, just noticing it.


I created a Serial Romantic sim with romantic trait and went into public places. My sim did not flirt with anyone. Took sim home. Put sim in very flirty mood. Back in public. Didn't flirt with anyone. Also, no one flirted with my sim, not even other serial romantic/ flirty sims. This never happened before. However, as soon as I forced my sim to flirt with someone, the floodgates seemed to open and flirts abound. What?? Why does my serial romantic, romantic alluring sim need my permission to flirt and why does my sim need to give permission for other sims to flirt? One game, the only sim that autonomously flirted with my sim was Victor Feng. Very strange.


It also seems like sims can be easily twisted (more so than before) to have interests/ hobbies that don't fit their personalities. Why does my bodbuilder/ athletic sim want to play chess, when my sim doesn't have genius or hidden genius trait? It seems like all sims want to be everyting now, which to me dilutes traits, makes them less important. I don't recall sims being this extreme when I first started playing 4. Anyone else notice changes?

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Re: Behavior Changes


@sushicrow, I haven't been able to play my game (due to real life stuff) much in the last 2 months or so.  But, I think I have heard of others mentioning something similar to what you are saying. The thing is, I can't remember if it was due to a Mod or Custom Content (CC) or not.) Do you by any chance play with Mods or CC? Wondering


If this is not a Mod/CC issue and more than just yourself are having problems, then it could have been an effect of one of the more recent patches, be it on purpose or accidental.  I do know that for a while now people were wanting Sim that weren't very flirty to not flirt with everyone if they were already in a relationship, but even if this was changed because of that, that shouldn't affect chess playing/body building type of activities.  Raised eyebrow  


Anyone else having problems like @sushicrow  mentioned ?  If so, please add your findings!

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Re: Behavior Changes

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I play with mods and cc, but tested it with mods folder removed and cache cleared, tested both with that current save and a new game. No changes.


I know about that flirty thing - I had problems with that, but one of the updates fixed that for me. I tend to purge my saves after major updates, though (since I play with mods and cc, I don't want corrupted saves). From playing old saves it seems that some behaviors are in the save files and the changes don't take until a new game is started.


I wish I cold explain this better, but the sims seem less complex than they used to be. I've been wondering if it is by design, maybe to make the game run smoother for folks? I really like this game, but it's beginning to lose it's appeal to me. I hope that changes.


Thanks Standard smile

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