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Battlefield 1- Transparent HUD?

by littleant99ONps4

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Battlefield 1- Transparent HUD?

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Hi all, was wondering if anyone else noticed a change in the HUD since the October update, primarily with the icons above player's heads. It seems like they have become more transparent, making them a lot harder to see. I've shot at so many friendlies thinking they were enemies because I cant tell what the color of the icon is above their heads... (maybe this is because I'm colorblind, or because I'm playing on a little-* 18" TV in my college dorm). Anyone else having an issue with this? I'm on PS4, btw, if that makes a difference.

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Re: Battlefield 1- Transparent HUD?

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Yes I experienced this too, and so did TheBrokenMachine, @ 3:45 he mentions it in this video:

So it came with the update unfortunately.

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Re: Battlefield 1- Transparent HUD?

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So lame. Have you noticed any other questionable updates with this patch? 'Cause I have. Unless I'm crazy, it seems like they quieted down the footsteps. And the cavalry soldiers are totally weak off of their horses, not much of an elite class anymore if you ask me.

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