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Re: Battlefield 1 Prost dogtag

by EA_Joker

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Battlefield 1 Prost dogtag

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Is there any new information on the release of this dog tag?
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Re: Battlefield 1 Prost dogtag

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Not yet Standard smile!

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Re: Battlefield 1 Prost dogtag

EA Community Manager

Nope, there's no official word yet - as usual, I'll throw in my Soon™ here. I do enjoy the speculation though - once there's any news, I'll make sure to keep you guys posted.

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Re: Battlefield 1 Prost dogtag

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@Bryan_BR_FURY_87 There is no news so far. Please check the official twitter or official website for the latest news

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Re: Battlefield 1 Prost dogtag

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Now free unlock for all!

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