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Balance Update Notes July 11th

by Redwood_MrBlack

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Re: Balance Update Notes July 11th

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Artillery right now is a problem, as JadeXyan, mentioned it's only counters are air, catalyst missile and ion cannon. It just does way to much damage to all ground units and the follow splash damage makes it incredibly difficult to deal with if you don't have any of the three above to counter it. On top of the amount of damage it does, it only costs 90 tiberium, that is incredibly cheap for a unit that has the amount of range, damage and splash it can output.


Ion Cannon isn't even a good counter for it, sure you kill it but with how much artillery costs, that's pocket money to your opponent compared to the 150 you just spent. Catalyst missile works well but still can't remove them fast enough then they're built and air is hardly a answer when all you do is surround it so no air can get into the tiles to attack it before being destroyed.


Artillery needs a serious look at, it definitely needs a cost increase to 110-120 so they can't be spammed as easily and it's rate of fire needs to be toned down, it fires way too fast for what it does and how much range it can cover. Ground units need a way to counter it, either make it effective against infantry or vehicles, since it's splash damage makes sending groups of units after it useless. A dumb, finnicky design is no excuse for a unit to be as broken as artillery currently is.

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