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Balance Update Notes 6/28/18

by Redwood_MrBlack

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Balance Update Notes 6/28/18

EA C&C Team

Balance Update Notes 6/28/2018


Note: This update will include a client update that will impact old Battle Replays. After you update your client, all prior Battle Replays created before this patch can no longer be viewed.


Also, we have not yet decided on changes for the Ion Cannon or Catalyst Missile, we are still monitoring them closely and are likely to make changes in the near future.


GDI Changes


Col. Jackson

- Heroic charge buff increased to 75% (was 40%)


Dr. Liang

- Repair Drone received a general buff.

- Repair Drone full heal time decreased to 20 seconds (was 30)

- Repair Drone now heal infantry for an additional 100 hp / second.


Jump Troopers

- Initial attack delay reduced to 0.25 seconds (was 0.9 seconds)



- Health decreased to 1800 (was 2200)


Predator Tank

- Rate of fire increased by 20%



- Rate of fire increased by 33%

- Initial attack delay reduced to 0.25 seconds (was 0.5 seconds)


Missile Squad

- Initial attack delay increased to 0.25 seconds (was 0.1 seconds)


Zone Trooper

- Damage vs structures reduced to 100 (was 375)

Nod Changes



-Fanaticism charge buff increased to 100% (was 75%)



-Rate of fire increased by 33%

-Initial attack delay reduced to 0.25 seconds (was 0.5 seconds)



-Damage vs structures reduced to 100 (was 400)


Scorpion Tank

-Rate of fire increased by 20%


Laser Squad

-Initial attack delay increased to 0.25 seconds (was 0.1 seconds)



-Initial damage increased to 100 (was 25)

-High Damage spool up duration decreased to 2 seconds (was 3)

-High Damage increased to 200 (was 125)


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Re: Balance Update Notes 6/28/18

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice

Alliance chat desperately needs a seperate tab for donations only as right now chat and donos share the same tab but if you have an active chat your 8hr cool down request gets scrolled out completely a seperate chat that lets your requests last 8 hours will really help alliances be stronger that way no 1s request gets left behind i almost feel bad for chatting in my alliance chat right now because i know i might be pushing out some 1s request

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Re: Balance Update Notes 6/28/18

★ Apprentice

I actually never thought of this, since I was really only in a alliance with a skeleton crew until now I never came by this problem and I really don't pay attention to if my request was ever fully fulfilled or if it just drop off. Having a separate tab for requests would be nice anyways, granted they go away once you've donated but they can take up a lot of room if people are requesting things you don't have or things you're saving up yourself.

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Re: Balance Update Notes 6/28/18

★★★★ Novice
I have been having fun up until now but this patch has sucked quite a bit of the enjoyment of the game out for me. These buggies and rhinos need hot fixed asap. Way too big a buff.
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Re: Balance Update Notes 6/28/18

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice

I had the knee-* reaction of infantry being garbage yesterday, but I've been playing a bit more and can confirm that at least for Nod, Scarab infantry are the answer to early-game vehicle harassment.


I don't have Jump Troopers, but I assume they should be the GDI alternative.


IMO buggies/rhinos are still a tad too strong, but only by a hair.

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Re: Balance Update Notes 6/28/18

★★★★ Novice
Flame troopers are feeling like an effort in futility to use. I haven't used them in a long time. Since they were nerfed to stop being as effective vs vehicles awhile back, and now the cheap vehicles all but replacing standard infantry, pretty much the only flame troopers I see are seths used in combination with flame tank to try to melt the base
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Re: Balance Update Notes 6/28/18

★★★★ Apprentice
I'm just going to chime in briefly since jumpjets have come up here now. Jumpjets should be amazing in this meta given their role, but they're not. They die to everything, don't do enough damage, cost more than the far more versatile war factory rush/defensive options that also get you to all the other units you want to run right now, and if you are going to go with infantry for defense missile troopers are more cost effective.
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Re: Balance Update Notes 6/28/18

★★★★ Novice

Yeah, I've tried Jump Troopers, even had the luck to get multiple cards to upgrade them, but they're useless in this meta even with the slight attack delay buff because they die so fast to everything and cost basically the same as a tank. They don't have the same "alpha strike" potential as Scarabs, meaning an opponent can just run a Buggy/Rhino up to them and cost-effectively trade, and the lack of "raider" attack makes the mobility less exciting because at some point for them to actually deal damage they've got to be stationary - Bikes don't have this problem because since they got buffed they can basically stutter step their missile barrages.


Scarabs can be effective at stopping a rush, but how effective they are is going to depend on the map. If your early game is just defending your harvesters with scarabs, your opponent is going to be getting just as much Tiberium as you with units that are more mobile giving them point control early. I think you still end up needing to go vehicles and then try to leverage scarabs to limit your opponent's tank mobility.

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