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Re: Balance Patch Notes 6/15/2018

by BlackDeath00

Original Post

Balance Patch Notes 6/15/2018

EA C&C Team

Balance Patch Notes 6/15/2018


We have made a small number of balance changes to attempt to address the balance issues outlined on our forum:


There is still plenty to do but we wanted to get some balance changes in your hands as quickly as possible so you’d have the ability to jam on them over the weekend. Your feedback has been invaluable in driving this first balance patch and you can expect to see plenty more changes in the future.


Thank you for your continuing support.

-C&C: Rivals Team.


GDI Changes


-Damage vs Infantry increased to 70 (was 65).


The Rhino was given a slight damage increase primarily to help against Flame Troopers.



-Damage vs Infantry reduced to 15 (was 20)

-Cost Increased to 130 (was 100)


Sandstorms, especially in pairs, are extremely efficient at killing enemy infantry due to their high rate of fire. This damage decrease versus infantry should make them much more vulnerable to being countered by Missile Squads and Laser Squads.


Zone Trooper

-Cost Increased to 120 (was 100)


The Zone Trooper cost increase is part of a more general tier 4 unit cost increase.


Nod Changes


-Cost increased to 110 (was 80)


Confessors are too efficient for cost, especially when paired up with Cyborgs.



-Cost increased to 130 (was 100)


Cyborgs are arguably fine from a power standpoint but are far too easy to get out in large numbers late in the game. We will continue to monitor this guy closely.


Flame Trooper

-Damage vs Vehicles reduced to 15 (was 20).

-Health reduced to 280 (was 300)


Flame Troopers are very good right now in general but specifically against light vehicles. This nerf is intended to make them more vulnerable to things like Rhinos without impacting their utility against enemy infantry and structures too much. We feel like the Flame Trooper’s power is contributing to the dominance of Cyborg / Confessor comps.

Metagame Changes




We have made improvements to matchmaking that will help prevent high level players from matching with much lower level players. This may result in slightly longer wait times for players with high medal counts to find a match.

Unlocking Nod


This is an exciting part of the progression through C&C: Rivals, but right now, when players

unlock The Brotherhood of Nod, their ability to level up units is far behind that of their GDI army.  This change gives players the ability to quickly level their early Nod units. Below are the specific changes to the Nod Starter Crate:


-The number of total cards is increased from 7 to 31

-Players are guaranteed 7 of each common unit (Militants, Buggy, Scorpion Tank)

-Players are guaranteed 3 of each rare unit (Laser Troopers, Attack Bikes.


General Economy


We have made slight adjustments to card drop rates to get them more inline with our progression goals.

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Re: Balance Patch Notes 6/15/2018

★★★★ Newbie

Overall good changes!


Funnily enough, I unlocked NOD earlier today, and not a few hours later I see these changes being implemented. I feel like I'm going to be hopelessly far behind in NOD progression compared to everyone else who unlocks NOD after the starter pack changes. Is there anything I can do about this, like un-unlocking NOD and then re-unlocking it?

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Re: Balance Patch Notes 6/15/2018

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Apprentice

I like the changes, GDI feels much more viable against nod and it feels like the metagame around my level has diversified a bit, still have issues with the units unaffected by these changes that I've mentioned elsewhere before and of course the continuing lack of a low player level GDI counter to cyborgs/zone troopers, especially given that snipers are severely underpowered which leaves disruptors as the first effective counter in the tech tree aside from my less than ideal solution of ion cannoning everything that a combination of inefficient units can't kill after I've delayed the enemy's ability to produce them as much as possible.



EDIT: I've changed my mind about snipers somewhat, but they're still too high in player level, leaving lower level gdi players no good counter against cyborgs/zone troopers, and I do still think they need a cost decrease to 40 to be on par with flametroopers

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Re: Balance Patch Notes 6/15/2018

★★★★ Novice

I am TOTALLY with you on this. I am exactly in the same situation. I think werew just screwed as far as NOD goes... :/

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Re: Balance Patch Notes 6/15/2018

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice

I really think you should use a "light touch" when balancing. Making the sandstorms weaker to infantry was an appropriate change, however raising their cost by 30% was drastic and has the effect that I can't get them deployed in time to make a difference. Whats the point of having "epic" units if they're going to be nerfed into Oblivion?


Also, this isn't a balancing suggestion, but I'd enjoy an all out war mode, meaning fight till the enemy base is destroyed but with no nuke to control. As it is now the game caters to only one basic strategy which is quickly flip nuke control near the end of the meter.


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Re: Balance Patch Notes 6/15/2018

[ Edited ]
★ Apprentice

What Vecima said, Sandstorms were too useful against infantry but they didn't need the 30% cost increase. They're extremely difficult to get out now for how fragile they're against other epic units. Titan's and Storm Troopers are just flat out better choices then the Sandstorm now.

I still think the 2nd harvester should ALWAYS cost tiberium, right now I feel there isn't enough risk in rushing double harvesters when compared trying to shut it down, the player trying to shut it down is punished even more if he fails and if he succeeds it doesn't even feel impactful since you're spending it on a 2nd harvester yourself just to catch up.

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Re: Balance Patch Notes 6/15/2018

★★★★ Novice

The game already looks very polished and playable. I wonder how long it will be until public beta is finally available?

I also hope there will be enough useful common cards for non-cash players available. 

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Re: Balance Patch Notes 6/15/2018

★★★★ Novice

How are scarabs so strong? I have nothing that is effective against them. They quite literally defeat every single one of my units 1v1. I actually need anywhere between 2-4 units to destroy one scarab (if I am lucky)


How do people deal with this?

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Re: Balance Patch Notes 6/15/2018

★★★★ Apprentice
I agree they are too strong, at the very least they need to only get one shot before they die and probably shouldn't be able to hit air since they aren't suppose to be good against it but still one shot most air units...

Nod doesn't have a way to deal with them outside of coming out aggressive early to stop them getting in position and late game 2-range stuff. GDI has pitbulls they can sort of kite them with if you are really careful and eventually snipers as a relatively early game 2 range counter. And of course both sides also can deal with them with commander powers horrendously inefficiently...
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Re: Balance Patch Notes 6/15/2018

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice

Im not sure stealth tanks are working as intended while im in stealth mode stationary enemy troops still auto attack the tank making it all but useless and very weak not sure if this is the intention but when i read its description i thought u wouldnt be able to attack it period until it attacks and then having that 5 second vulnerability window to counter the unit before it re stealths and if that isnt the intention then the reload time is far to long for the unit tp make much of an impact was very excited to get this unit and very disapointed when testing it out

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