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BF1, "FOG OF WAR", actually bringing great "EYE STRAIN" on Players!

by MajrPane

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BF1, "FOG OF WAR", actually bringing great "EYE STRAIN" on Players!

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Is Ea Games, Dice, or even Origin "AWARE" that the recent, "Fog of War" in BF1 is actually and physically "Injuring the players eyes" to the extent that even some players are having a "Burning Sensation" while trying to view/play Battlefield1  when the "Fog of War" is Active?
I  truly hope this side of the game has been explored to verify their will be no "Long Standing Effects" of "Eye Strain" caused by this,, that will affect the Younger Players in the Future?
If anyone has a suggestion, as to a way of "Minimizing" the effects of the eye strain the "Fog of War" is causing, Im open to ideas and suggestions, but will not reply to people   just saying, "Don't Play the Game" as we all paid good $$$ for it?

Sunglasses, Screen Settings/Filters, PC Settings, so decrease this effect will be given "GLADLY" XP, by this blogger!

Any and All "HELP!" with this is gladly accepted.


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Re: BF1, "FOG OF WAR", actually bringing great "EYE STRAIN"

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What is fog of war? I don't see this option in the video menu. Try to turn off that effect. And i highly recommend for you to go an eye examination for your safety Standard smile because i don't meet this problem.


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