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Australian Servers/Lag/Firestorm games +300ping

by CatalystofKaos

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Australian Servers/Lag/Firestorm games +300ping

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I have been a longtime fan of the franchise and have played since Bad Company. BF1 was full of frustrations for me and BFV is no different. One I am really surprised by is the lack of available games within Australia. I cant imagine this is down to populous? ID imagine its a lack of support from Microsoft and EA for BF servers within Aus, especially WA. Firestorm has just launched, yet Im getting thrown into games within Europe and Asia with pings of 300+. I cant believe a new game mode like Firestorm has that little penetration?!!!!

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Re: Australian Servers/Lag/Firestorm games +300ping

Check this post by @EA_Atic

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Re: Australian Servers/Lag/Firestorm games +300ping

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I am in Australia and have tired for over 4 hours today to get onto a Firestorm sever with no luck. Last night I managed a few games but the wait times were terrible. If the idea is to drive players away then it is working. Who wants to wait that long to play a game they paid good $$$ for. The only reason I am still trying to find a match now is I have 2 PC's so can spare the time. When i can get on the 297 ping makes playing terrible. You will lose all your player base if something is not done. Like others, I have been a loyal player since BF2 but my patience is wearing thin.

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Re: Australian Servers/Lag/Firestorm games +300ping

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I cant even find a game match across all three firestorm game modes... jealous you even got a game Frown
I don't know what is going on?! Worked fine at the beginning but know cant even find a match to play a game!!! Whats going on EA?! Surely there is enough people in Australia wanting to play Firestorm to get a single game Frown
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Re: Australian Servers/Lag/Firestorm games +300ping

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Same. I’ve been trying on and off for weeks now and can never get into a game. In about 3 weeks I’ve tried about 10mins daily and maybe have had 3 games? 


Each game being 200-300 ping too. 


Its a joke. 

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Re: Australian Servers/Lag/Firestorm games +300ping

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Agree! I do not believe it's lack of players because every single time I am in the lobby waiting over 30mins I have time to chat to all sorts and they all say the same thing. People are out here waiting to play the game, we have the numbers... if EA are saying there isn't enough to create a server ? whatever that means, then drop the player count ffs. we don't need 64 in a Firestorm match to play a game, I would be happy with a max of 32. We also cannot see how many are waiting to play solo or Duos for that matter.. if we could then we might cue up in a different selection. Other modes never have this problem on multiplayer, conquest is always pumping. Why not set up Firestorm the same way ?

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Re: Australian Servers/Lag/Firestorm games +300ping

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Totally agree with you, my friends and I are losing faith in the game, Firestorm gave us a reason to give it another go (still playing BF4 Happily).

But every time we time to get a game the same long wait. The frequency between playing and waiting is not at the right percentage. For each game where we may last 30 secs to 15 mins, mainly due to the amazing ping we get, there is twice as long wait on the outside waiting for a game.


Come on EA, please fix this, It really needs fixing.



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Re: Australian Servers/Lag/Firestorm games +300ping

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The only immediate (and temporary) fix I can suggest is making a Discord group and organizing times when you can all fill a server - Of course this will be pretty boring for the people who die right away since you'd most likely need to wait for the match to end but at least it's something.

It's months away but RSP should hopefully allow everyone to tweak certain settings like minimum player count to start. I hope your problem gets fixed soon

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