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Re: Attempts based on age of character?

by crinrict

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Attempts based on age of character?

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I'm fine with the 5 sims for newer characters but have you considered leaving the ones more than one year old at 8 sims and over 2 years unlimited or something along those lines? If I lost my account there is no way I would ever start over. It has gotten much better for new players with events like rebel round up that give you shards for less used characters but since it is random, it still isn't great. I understand and can't imagine how hard it is trying to find the right balance to keep revenue up but there has to be a middle ground where new players can still get important chars. Some great ones that are now over a year old include Nihilus, Talzin and Sion. Coming soon will be Bossk and Nest. Also, JTR. She is over a year old now so you should consider making her less painful to acquire. Move vets to GW, add them to BH contract event or something. They are way too painful for new players to have to farm anymore. THat was an acceptable price of admission to have her when she was shiny and new but no longer worth the huge effort involved. Should still take some work, but not as much as to have her in Dec 2017. OK, thanks for reading and good luck!



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Re: Attempts based on age of character?

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Sorry it is not clear what game you are talking about. Please enlighten us in this regard.


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Re: Attempts based on age of character?

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Sorry. I thought I was in the galaxy of heroes section.
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Re: Attempts based on age of character?


Hi @mutantwacko 


moved your post to Galaxy of Heroes.

Happy Gaming


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