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Re: Assignments Alternative route


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Assignments Alternative route

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Greetings fellow Battlefield players, last night I came to idea (which is not mine it's widely used but how it can be implemented in Battlefield) about assignments, I know there are couple of die hard players out there that will say most likely "git gud" or something like that but I wanted to share it anyway. Dice already had these in the new weapon assignments like M28 Con Trombocino and Commando Carbine. I know a lot of players are struggling with some of the assignments, and I've came up with alternative route.

Base number of kills for fully golden weapon is 1000 kills, we still keep the assignments. For example every assignment you finish is -200 kills, meaning you can go the route of going for assignment or you can just casually play the gun for 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 kills. So let's say you completed all of you Bolt action assignments but last one (10 headshots on objective in one life or 20 in one round), you are struggling with it, you take the alternative route of 200 headshots with that gun. 1000 kills is not small amount will make you play for hours and hours (depending on your KD) but still let's say you do 10 kills per game and 1000 kills means you have to play 100 rounds of Multiplayer, meaning your grind will pay off but you will play more, making more servers alive and populated. Depending on gun parts and how many you have to be equally split into parts (if gun has 5 parts 200 kill per part, if it has 10 then 100 etc.). So once again if you are one of those people who like doing assignments you can do them still, but if you are lazy, can't do them or what ever reason it is, you can do them in background while casually playing. That would be all, if you have any question I will try to respond to all of them. Thank you for reading, have a good day and best of luck. Lanerys.

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Re: Assignments Alternative route

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I really like that idea. I really like doing the achievements, but it does get frustrating when you spend days on trying to get a specific one. I struggle with the last Mastery achievement for the Semi-Auto Rifles. So opening an alternative route to get the gold skins and show that you mastered a specific weapon, without having to give up the achievement itself sound good to me. The second reason for me to support this idea is the fact that some of the achievements force you to play weapons in a certain way, that does not benefit the teamplay or gameplay, e.g. prone kills with sniper rifles or kills from a specific distance. This just makes players stay behind and put reaching their achievement goal over helping the team and making the game a better experience for everyone.

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Re: Assignments Alternative route

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Yes, some of the last mastery assignments are not well thought out.

 Get 10 headshot kills while on the objective in 1 life..... I mean I'm a good player but I know for a fact that this is never gonna happen so I won't even try bothering... Especially with Frontlines removed...

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