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Re: Another glitch?

by whackywhippet234

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Another glitch?

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Ok, so i left my 2 sims to have a child. I came back an hour later and it had them out of that. Like i never told them to do that.

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Re: Another glitch?

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Oh, and maybe a little thing that needs to be fixed. Some times when they do that option, they will do it in another room thats not with the basenet i clicked on (i have 1 in each room, both beds are double.)  So both beds are blocked and i can't use either, even though one bed isn't being used at all.

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Re: Another glitch?

@whackywhippet234  could you share a screenshot of what you mean or a video maybe? 


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Re: Another glitch?

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With the bassinet thing? Or me having to do the woohoo for baby thing again? If its the first one, i can only show u the layout of the rooms, i don't want to do the whole thing again only for it to be normal. I could try i guess.

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