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Animations, Game Modes & Ratings..

by RayneKnight43

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Animations, Game Modes & Ratings..

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There are far too many animations in the game. You can't catch a pass without an animation, a pick without an animation, a juke or soon without animation.. They play too big of a role in a game, if I've got a step on a player, there's no reason why an animation should allow them to contest, swat, pick or catch the ball. The game modes are different.. Players play better in MUT then any other mode on madden.. Simulation is a joke, it's a step above arcade. All you have no do is throw it up all game and press Y. When will ratings matter? Jalen Ramsey has 98 press but Jakeem Grant has a 66 release and best the press with ease numerous times, I thought on simulation ratings mattered but they don't, it just randomness, if ratings mattered so much this year, there's no reason why the game should be so unbalanced right now, sorry oline blocking better than high tier oline and defense is basically use, it's a shootout every dang time.. 

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