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Re: Add small reward for loser

by Odigitria5

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Add small reward for loser

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This is maybe my biggest request. As the game stands, you don't receive anything for losing. Obviously the winner should receive a bigger reward, but most games give some XP/credits to the loser. When I recieve nothing, I feel like I've wasted my time and that makes the leveling up process more frustrating. Giving the loser a small reward goes a long way towards making the experience more comfortable for players who aren't the most competitive (like myself).


What do you guys think?

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Re: Add small reward for loser

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Half a tank of fuel is not exactly reward enough! a little bit extra like 10% of the xp for winning would really be nice!
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Re: Add small reward for loser

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Depends what you mean by reward, if you mean medals then you not only get nothing, you lose a fair bit, after a certain point more than you would get if you won, which is great for matchmaking but not exactly ideal for getting to the player levels needed to unlock units, it would be nice to detach these systems from one another and still give the defeated some amount of progress towards player level without affecting matchmaking/progress to the next sector crate.

If you mean coins then I don't find them terribly hard to get now given the daily limit, so I don't really mind that you have to win to get them.
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Re: Add small reward for loser

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What I mean is more points towards progression. Credits are easy enough to get, but I want to increase my level so that I can unlock new commanders and units.
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Re: Add small reward for loser

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And now I've started losing points for losing games. I really don't like this, it makes me feel too discouraged for losing and I feel less like playing another match.
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Re: Add small reward for loser

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No comments from the devs? Really, I'd like to hear the idea behind taking away the player's points for losing. I'm sure there was thought behind it, but I think it's only fair if we hear what it is.
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Re: Add small reward for loser

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I wouldn't reply to a baby talking about feelings instead of changing strategy, modifying play style, researching, watching replays, etc to get better at the game and get the medals. This is a game about achievement and when you get that next rank you earned it (excluding the pay to win mechanic which completely throws off the balance until their new matchmaking patch kicks in. But its pre-alpha this section is all about balance and getting the game ready for market. There is always the opportunity to spend 2 bucks to back the company and increase your game. Even for a middle school brat that is lunch money for a day. Too poor to enjoy the luxury of a free game? when others who actually work to support the company and enjoy playing the game without having achievements funnel fed into their face for being alive.


Get better or get out.

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