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Re: AI assist?

by ajaxgeezer

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AI assist?

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So..  I just beat a guy 2-0 (well, he ragequit after 10 mins) and he immediately sent me an abusive message that I won't repeat here. A follow up one from him said "using AI assist is cheating when your [sic] playing against an opponent not computer".  


What is AI assist please?  How is it turned off and on?  Given that I lose 95% of the games I play, how can I see whether someone has it on or off when I play them?


AFAIK I'm doing nothing wrong, and have just found the one person in the world who is worse at FIFA than I am.

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Re: AI assist?

Community Manager
Hi @ajaxgeezer,

It would seem they are accusing you of having "scripting" on your side rather than just taking the L.

It's really nothing to worry about, as it doesn't exist anyway.
-EA Cade

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Re: AI assist?

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@EA_Cade Thanks. I'm used to the abuse. It usually comes from people who have obviously dropped levels simply to beat someone and then abuse them though. To get abused after winning is bad, to think I might be inadvertently cheating is worse, but to be cheating and still lose every game would be absolutely terrible Standard smile

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