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Re: AA Damage Balancing

by Steekyd88

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AA Damage Balancing

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I've noticed there seems to be a trend with the Anti-air weaponry that hopefully can get looked at. Each update the AA will either get buffed or nerfed and this is either great for planes or great for infantry.


While I understand balancing this particular weapon would be difficult can we have a damage output set and just leave it so we can all get use to it.


This last update has made the AA had made them a bit over the top in damage out put but if it goes back to the way it was before this update it will be too under powered. Is there a middle ground we can go for here?


Perhaps it's not the AA but may be the planes armor itself, either way could we get some clarification into what cause this pendulum effect each update. Thank you

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Re: AA Damage Balancing

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Of all the times I've hopped onto a POM-POM I think I've maybe earned 2 kills (and that was because the plane was already damaged. A plane could literally fly directly into your fire and bomb you to oblivion and still  be able to fly away.


Mobile AA on the other hand has always been an odd one - I say just revert it back to it's previous state which imo was the most balanced, and remove the ability to choose then in infantry-only maps

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Re: AA Damage Balancing

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Stationary AA's are probably well balanced in the sense, if a pilot is not smart about it the AA will shred them and if there are multiple stationary AAs up it can be a real problem.


Yes it's more the mobile that is swinging to either producing minimal damage or over the top damage. This update they make flying on maps like Mercury (which is in a confined space) or panzerstorm (very open with no real environmental cover) very difficult to get away from. The last update they were underpowered and were potentially a waste of a vehicle spawn.


It would be nice to know from a dev if the issue is with the actual bullet damage or is it the plane armor?

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Re: AA Damage Balancing

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I think it is balanced now. You can take out AA stations head-on and that's how it is supposed to be. Flying requires a lot more skill than sitting in an AA gun and higher skill should be rewarded.


2 AA or a plane + AA will take you down. Which is totally fair. It forces you to be fully aware what is going on in the air + ground at the same time.


As a side note: the only inbalance I see that fighter planes cannot take out bombers because their main cannon is too weak atm.

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Re: AA Damage Balancing

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I don't really use AA guns all that much apart from when 2+ planes are ripping up objectives and destroying everybody on it, so I would then jump on and try to take 1 or more out but to my demise 1 notices me and flys directly into my shots kills me desrtoys the AA and flys away.

I think AA guns could do with a minor upgrade, planes that can bomb a widespread area is a little op compared to an AA.

Planes get eazy multi kills and AA turrets should be able to blow them out of the sky eazy that's how it should be I feel.
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