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A question about parties

by thecakeisaLIE82

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A question about parties

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Do you have to have everything from a career and/or hobby collection out in order for it to appear on the party search (or can I just own it and have it in storage)? One, I don't want to junk up my house with a bunch of stuff that doesn't really fit my decor, especially when I'm having company over. Two, that would explain why so often I click on a party that claims to have items for my sims to interact with but when I get there it turns out to only have the party items and people to interact with.


Now, I don't want to falsely advertise my parties, but I'm willing to use this loophole to attract people to my parties since I have several 75 point items and I always bring my parties to level 10.



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Re: A question about parties

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So here's the answer to my question, for anyone who wonders about this in the future, so you don't have to read through the whole thread:


It seems that if you want the career and hobby icons to appear on the party search feature, you must have the items for said careers and hobbies out and on display in your home for the duration of the party. Or, at least until your guest list fills up. 

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Re: A question about parties

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@HatsuneLotus shared this graphic in another thread. Super-helpful! (I looked for an updated one, but no luck.)



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Re: A question about parties

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According to this chart, it appears you do have to have all the items out.

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Re: A question about parties

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Hmmm, that's unfortunate. It's hard to decorate your home nicely for your guests and still make room for all the stuff needed for all the hobbies and careers. It ends up looking junky and cramped. Plus, I have a feeling I'm going to reach my item limit soon.


Too bad the party search feature doesn't include info about the specialty items that yield 75 party points.


Thanks, @VintageStarlette, for your answer .

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Re: A question about parties

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Here's a thought...


Could I put out all the stuff, start the party, and then put it all away before anyone arrives? Or does the search list update your party items when it appears for the searcher? Am I even making sense? 

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Re: A question about parties

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You make total sense, @thecakeisaLIE82 . I couldn't answer that one. But we are on each other's friend lists. I'm happy to experiment with you if you want to try. 


Personally, I don't use party-specific items at all anymore. I only max out items for hobbies and careers I regularly use because I've already Incorporated them into my decor.


High-reward items like the basketball court and the karaoke machine...I don't put those out either because I always make sure my parties level out at 10, so at least guests get the fashion gems no matter how much or how little they've contributed to leveling the party.


As far as guests hobby and career points...They'll be able to take full advantage of the vocations I have out, but if some other hobby or career is their priority, I'm happy to be passed over simply so I can maintain my motif. 😄 Call me a design snob, but everyone's got their priorities! LOL!

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Re: A question about parties

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Lol, normally I would totally agree with you. I don't like to sacrifice the style of my house to accommodate the hobbies and careers of others. But I'm thinking of it now for two reasons.


One, I want my parties to be attractive to the people on my friends list. 


Two, I want to attract others to my parties because I feel the more people who attend, the more likely I am to get a sticker boost. My girls have not been getting stickers lately and I don't know why. At the end of the week I'll have maybe 2 or 3 per category, or none at all on one, and 8 on another. Whats up with people not stickering lately? I always make sure to give all mine away by then end of the day.


I have a plan. I've been thinking of purchasing a couple of the "Rumbling from the Deep" items for the scientist career. I'll do that, put them out, start a party, and then put them back in storage. If one of your starlettes is a scientist (or if not, someone else can tell me), let me know if those career options shows up in the party invite. 


I can plan to have the party later today or tomorrow, whatever works best for you or whoever has the scientist sim.

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Re: A question about parties

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@thecakeisaLIE82 My Greta Garbo is a scientist. If you throw a party tomorrow (anytime between 8a—3p CT), I'll be happy to take screenshots for you and give you real-time feedback.


I noticed my sticker rates completely tanked when I wasn't attending parties or leveling relationships. Also, the vast majority of the folks on my friend list don't throw parties, so we aren't able to sticker each other at all.


If I make it to yours, I'll happily sticker your whole clan. 🖤

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Re: A question about parties

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Awww, thanks @VintageStarlette! that's really sweet of you. Also, by CT, do you mean central time, as in central United States time? I get confused by all the time zone abbreviations people sometimes use, lol. 


Also, in case you don't know, my party chat is not working right now, and I'm too scared of losing my progress to uninstall/reinstall the game. That would probably fix it, but I really don't want to start over--again! Anyway, I don't think anyone is able to communicate at my parties, and I'm also not able to see or participate in chats at other's parties.

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Re: A question about parties

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@thecakeisaLIE82  We can work around the chat problem if we use this thread to communicate. Then I'll be able to post the screenshots and answer your questions


Yes, CT is Central Time, United States. (I had to look it up, too, because it changes twice a year! 😳)

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