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A few suggestions for the game.

by warmonkey1024

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A few suggestions for the game.

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Hi all, Rui Daemon here. I really like the game and I want to help making it even better when it's released world wide. So here are some of my suggestions:


Themed Data Card Packs

This might be one of the biggest frustrations many players are having with the game. The amount of characters in both the Chromium and Aurodium makes getting shards for an individual character extremely difficult. In a game like this where everyone has their own focus in terms of team building, it'd be beneficial for the players to have the option of opening packs that fits their needs. I am confident that these packs will promote more buying behaviors than the current ones even if they are at a higher price. 


Buffing Soldiers

As the obvious underdogs of the game, something really needs to be done to steer them away from being the unwanted characters from the packs. 

  1. Adding a special soldier classifier for stormtroopers, clone troopers, rebel scouts, etc. and also remove the single character per team limitation for this classifier. 
  2. Add additional synergy bonus with each soldier's superiors (clone troopers - Jedis, Arc Troopers; Stormtroopers - Tarkins, Vader etc.

Mace Windu

Yes Mace deserves his own section. First of all his special is bugged. The damage is extremely low even with 950 Special damage and it rarely remove buffs from the target. Secondly, being the Jedi who almost defeated Sidious, and the one who mastered Vaapad, he should be more of an attacker rather than a defense focused character. Vaapad should be a really strong attack with high damage and damage boost rather than defense up. 


These are what I have so far. I'll continue to add to the post once I have more ideas!


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Re: A few suggestions for the game.

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I think that once more characters are introduced, themed packs will be a good idea. Original Trilogy vs New, and of course Light & Dark packs, to help build up a particular quest team.

But I also hope that Promos will be available regularly, at least once a month. A guaranteed character, plus a good deal in crystals is hard to say no to.

I really want characters from Rebels. I've been more excited about that show than Ep7.
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