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0 bid on companion

by Ace-O-Fly

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0 bid on companion

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When I bid a player more then once, that happens if i can buy that players (check file please). I cannot fix it from companion. Also when i fixing it from ps4 i cannot send players transfer list or club together. I can send only one by one. How can i fix it 

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Re: 0 bid on companion

Community Manager

That's an odd one @Ace-O-Fly, can I ask do you see the same thing if you make the bid on your console?


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Re: 0 bid on companion

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On my console when i press L2 for taking action together on my winning bids there is another odd stuation appearing. For example i bid player a,b,c,d and won. When i open transfer target all my winnings are seen a. Then i press L2 just one a i can do something. After all a players return b , then i press L2 there is just one b i can do something. The situation is a little bit complicated i dont know my explanations were clear or not but i wanna fix because of it 10 second things returns 5 min.
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