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issues with companion customizations on expansion companions

by vodganL

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issues with companion customizations on expansion companions

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Hello everyone,

I have encountered somewhat of an issue with companion customizations for Lana, Koth and Senya. Though it is not really a bug it is still something  that I'd like to see fixed.

As I am currently on Preffered status, having subscribed in the past, I do not have the unlock "Crew Member Appearance Authorization", which is required to equip customizations on your companions. In the KOTFE expansion you gain Lana Beniko, Koth Vortana and Senya Tirall as companions, each have a customization equipped per default. It is possible for me to remove these, but I cannot re-equip them afterwards.

As the game tells me, "You cannot use or equip this item due to your subscription permissions."

This could be fixed by removing the "Crew Member Appearance Authorization" requirement from the items.

As I am not currently a subscriber myself and therefore can't contact customer support directly, I'd like to ask any subscriber who reads this to bring this to the dev-team's attention.

If there is anything I would fix this issue for me, I'd also like to hear it . Standard smile

Until then,

Have a good day,


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Re: issues with companion customizations on expansion companions

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You can email to see if they can put them back on your companions for you.


A secondary option is to purchaep the companion appearance authorization from either the GTN or from the Cartel Market for 325cc for that character or the account unlock which would be more.  Then you can re-equip or use different customizations.


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