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Was there ever an official statement on re-releasing 'limited' characters like

by unbornleviathan

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Was there ever an official statement on re-releasing 'limited' characters like

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I got this game when it came out, with a CE Founders pack physical edition and all, but after about a year I ended up leaving, coming back for a few months now and then. But after college I ended up not really floating back around to this game for a while.

Then I came back to find out I'm missing like...a half dozen companions? But at least Hexid is back in. I read someone say on this sub that they had mentioned wanting to bring back the other 'limited' companions.

Considering in the KotET story most of my old crew is either missing, or just paper weights and not actually in the story (Except for HK and Treek oddly enough) I would really want to fill out the story roster with more characters sometime.

I don't even know anything about these other companions, are they actually integrated into the story? Romanceable? Or are they just a few companion quests and then paper weights like the rest of my team?

Honestly, I would dump money or time into a grind to unlock them if able, but if they're just locked away forever that really kind of sucks as someone that just wasn't around during a very specific time frame.

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Re: Was there ever an official statement on re-releasing 'limited' characters li




Nothing official has been announced recently.  Some limited time things like Nico and Shae Visla have been given out multiple times but as of now nothing more has been said but it could happen at anytime.


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