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Wanting to play with friends more freely

by Lord_Dragonrasa

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Wanting to play with friends more freely

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I wanted to ask if it was possible to get maybe one or two days subscription time for the weekend.
I used to be a subscriber now and then, but didn't play for a while.
Now for the new update I wanted to play with friends again for a bit, but all the restrictions for non-subscribers make it kind of hard to play with them.

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Re: Wanting to play with friends more freely

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@Lord_Dragonrasa If your account did not had a subscription for over 90 days you can get 7 days of test time with the Friends program:


Just ask one of your friends who got a subscription for the referral link (otherwise you get referral links in here or in the forum). The test time does not unlock the expansions, if I am not mistaken, but should lift most of the restrictions. 

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