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Support for Brazil and Latin America

by Nihilus44

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Support for Brazil and Latin America

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Hello there, I'm a huge fan of MMORPG, I have played most of them over the years, and as a Star Wars completly geek, Old Republic is one of my favorite. But there is 2 major problems that made me left the game and I still have some hope to see this problems solved. I aready saw many players asking for it, and I aready asked a few years ago.


First: Payment. As I said, I played a lot of MMORPG over the years and I aways have a good way to pay my subscriptions, expansion packs, or other contents. But Star Wars The Old Republic, after some years still don't have support for Brazil and Latin America. I can play World of Warcraft, League of Legends or any game at Steam and pay with national coin and buy all of the contents, they offer full support for customers here, and we are a huge game market. We aready have EA Origin Client, but there is only one pack for Old Republic that can be brought only each 6 months.


Second: My main language is not English, but since I started to play RPG Games with 6 or 7 years old plus english lessons I become used to this language, I'm not an expert but I can handle myself to talk with other players, read the lore and watch the cutscenes. But I have a lot of friends that are not fluent, so they can't play with me. As I said about payment system, World of Warcraft  and League of Legends also offers a full translated game, not just the texts, but the audio too. I'm not asking for all of this, since requires a lot of work, but at least Portuguese and Spanish subtitles, as long as menus, quests and and the lore content. I aready saw at Old Republic Forum some players offering to translate the game.


Please, those things are quite basic for a successful worldwide product. as I said before: Brazil is the biggest gaming market in Latin America and is currently ranked number 12 globally, with an estimated revenue of USD 1.4 billion in 2016. 


Thank you for your time.

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Re: Support for Brazil and Latin America




All great suggestions.  Not sure about the payment part but from my understanding from what I've read in the past they currently do not have plans for additional translations.  While text translation at least would be more likely if they did I'm not sure about voice.  There are thousands of hours of audio that would have to get voice actors in to redo and they would need to redo all lines from the beginning to all parts of the game.


Hopefully at least a text translation is provided for the subtitles at some point but unfortunately at this time there is no ETA on when they would implement it.


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