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Standart, Deluxe edition or Subscritpion?

by Spicetor

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Standart, Deluxe edition or Subscritpion?

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I need some clarifications about the Standard edition and Deluxe edition from Origin and subscription form


Origin store states that Starter edition gives you the "Knights of the Fallen Empire" expansion and 30 days of prepaid game time and Deluxe edition gives you "all the chapters in Knights of the Eternal Throne" and 60 days of prepaid game time.

So if I buy "Standard edition" and not "Deluxe edition" I shouldn't  have access to "all the chapters in Knights of the Eternal Throne" and Starter edition' s 30 days of play time don't count as a subscription and i wont have full access to all chapters in "Knights of the Fallen Empire". So I should buy a subscription from or Deluxe edition from Origin to be able to play everything until now.

Or there is some misunderstanding in listings in origin?


Best regards

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Re: Standart, Deluxe edition or Subscritpion?




I would guess that's an not updated text at Origin,
every sort of paid GameTime gives you access to Content yet released.
There are difference in the Origin offers in how often you can apply them to one account.

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Re: Standart, Deluxe edition or Subscritpion?

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I read that I can buy standard edition or deluxe pack once for one account form Origin. But if the starter pack does not make my account premium I should just subscribe. The price difference is 33 cents in my case.
In there is no mention of this 30 day one time purchase. In there is only 60 days, non recurring, one time purchase.
But this starter edition from Origin has 500 cartel coins which cost 5.54 usd. So it will be a better deal to start, play and decide if I want to subscribe after.

As for the free to play - I hate restrictions and i want to support BioWare and the game with something. A long time ago I played Baldur's Gate 1,2; MDK2, Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR, Jade Empire (favorite game), All Mass Effects and Dragon Ages. I don't like "mmo" but, idk why i didn't at least tried this game.
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