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Server locations

by JdogFriday

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Server locations

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Dear SWTOR, 


I am trying to fix my server lag, and trying to find and optimal server location. I dont which one that is. I am already in the Server Star Forge. If i can please get some help on which server to choose and a little more help on how to clear up server lag that would be awesome. 


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Re: Server locations

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Both U.S. servers are located in the same locsloca on the east coast so it won't matter which server your connected to.


As far as the lag issue I would recommend downloading, then running it while playing the game and it will graph your connection.  Run it for about 10 minutes then upload a screenshot of the graphic here to look at.


To use pingplotter once you download and install it open your command prompt and make sure younare running it as an administrator, then launch the game and login to the server.


Once logged in while your game is running switch to your command prompt type:


 netstat -bn


You will get a list of all active connections.  Find the IP address for the game connection, put that in pingplotter and run it for at least 10 while playing normally then post the full screenshot of pingplotter here.


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