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Re: Same Gender Romance

by williamli2015

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Same Gender Romance

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Why can't you have same sex romances? I understand in the "real world" not everyone likes the same gender, but this isn't the real world. It's disappointing... I'm a female who likes to play as a female character and romance female companions. I think it's unfair that if I want to romance someone it has to be a guy, or I have to change my character to be male so I can romance a female. It's not the most important thing in the game but I do enjoy it, especially for a Jedi because of how taboo (kinda) it is to have a romance. 


Why do they not let us have cute gay Jedi and Sith? Frown

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Re: Same Gender Romance




They have added a couple of same-sex romances for female characters with that being Lana Beniko as the main one that you can romance as both a male or female.  If you play republic then during the Rise of the Hutt Cartel storyline you can romance Lemda Avesta for female republic characters as well.


More may get added in time for same-sex romances for male and female but currently the selection is limited.  It has nothing to do with real world reasons of not wanting to do it but more of plans for the game in general.


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Re: Same Gender Romance

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Storyline romance means nothing and empty, you can't and won't see them trough story progresses, so, it's only companion romance counts.

My idea is you can abandon the one you don't like and make certain number of character story and planet arc replace him/her.

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Re: Same Gender Romance

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I didn't know! I tried reaserchjng which gender you had to be to romance the companions you get and they all sad no same sex. I couldn't find anything else! But that makes me a little happier! :D
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Re: Same Gender Romance

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Since no strict prohibited about same sex romance in both Jedi and Sith order, it's a good selling point.

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Re: Same Gender Romance

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Part of the reason you don't see more is that more variation means more work to be done. Right now it seems they barely have the people and resource to do what they've already discussed doing. Should resources be funneled back into this game there may be an expansion on options across many areas. I don't know if that will happen though. I believe that choice is above the pay grade of even the devs.

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Re: Same Gender Romance

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1. Remake KOTOR 1&2

2. Make KOTOR 3

3. See if any volunteers or anyone who is available 

4. Gathering revenue and people, make changes ! Make SWTOR great and great again !

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