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Re: Not being allowed to log on the SWTOR forum

by Belgorad

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Not being allowed to log on the SWTOR forum

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Since i posted some questions about the directions of the game i cannot even log on the forums anymore. No ban message, no nothing, just cannot reply to the ones bashing me for the terrible sin of just being straight. If this is the new direction, i request a refund of all of my subscription fees - i consider this game to violate my rights to have an established sexual identity. As a former sexual abuse victim i do not need to see forced lesbianism in SWTOR too, i'm sure you understand.

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Re: Not being allowed to log on the SWTOR forum

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If your not able to post a reply it is more then likely a report was made on whatever post you made.  When that happens a squelch / silence is put in.  I don't know how long it lasts exactly, I believe it's like 24 hours.


I've had it happen to me before as well where I had a post reported and I lost the ability to reply or post but in a day or two I was able to post.  Never really timed it before but if this is the first time it should auto resolve in time and yoully be able to post again.


As far as refunds are concerned you'd have to call Customer Service as they would not be able to assist with that type of request via the public forum.  You can find their contact info here.


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