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Betreff: Lana Beniko Romance

by Tonfu

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Lana Beniko Romance

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Hello. I want to ask this. I played kotfe and my flirt options with lana is dissapered. In kotet's first chapter when we are arrriving on Voss first flirt option with Lana in shuttle didnt appear too. So I didnt played anymore. I stoped at kotet chapter 2. So I have 3 questions.


- What should i do for restart my romace with Lana ?

- If I restart kotfe in veteran mode or story mode can it work ?

-If I restart kotfe works  what will happen to my companions, companion alerts, star fortress missions ? I have 30 inf. with Lana. What is going to happen ?


- Or do you know any other option to do ? 


Please answer my all questions if you can. Thank you.

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Re: Lana Beniko Romance

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You know that when your stomach contains full of sadness... I am in that feeling right now. I am very very sad about this flirt options. I can not get them and many players are complainig about it too. They are sad too. BIOWARE PLEASE HEAR OUR VOICE !!!!!!!!


I am waiting for answers. If there is no way to fix it with restarting 


I am going to stop playing chapters when I heard a proper fix for it. I am very excited about kotfe and kotet. But now I lost every good feeling inside of me.


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Re: Lana Beniko Romance

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This is currently a known issue with no ETA on a fix.  Bioware has acknowledged the issue in the existing bug report here.  I would monitor that thread for any updates on this issue.


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Betreff: Lana Beniko Romance

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Sady you cannot change your story by replaying the Chapters (does not matter which difficulty you choose). Your decisions will be always based on your first playthough. I agree with Belograd, best advise is to wait for a patch. 

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