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Knights of The Old Republic

by uptonboy97

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Knights of The Old Republic

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Anyone else out there think the PC game Knight of The Republic is poor compared to the original games Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 (recently released on Xbox One backwards compatibility)? BioWare and Obsidian developed 2 game of the year instalments and then Disney came along and bought everything, laid off a bunch of staff from LucasArts, pushed development to EA, who have done a great job with games like Battlefront, but have missed the gap in the market for the third instalment to the Knights of The Old Republic series, which I bet would be another game of the year! 100% think there should be a third Knights of The Old Republic game!

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Re: Knights of The Old Republic




I personally never played the first games.  I tried the first one but wasn't able to get into it.  I just didn't like how the controls were done myself.  Many times my character movement got stuck or glitched out.  This was on the PC version.


From what I heard the second game seemed rushed or unfinished.  Personally I'd like to see a remake of the first two but with updated controls and graphics.


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Re: Knights of The Old Republic

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I would love remasters of both Kotor and Kotor 2, but they both need to be fully finished, no cut content, no rushing out the door to make as much profit as possible and i need to make this bold and for it to be obviously vital.




Anyway, I loved both Kotor 1 and 2, Kotor 2 was indeed rushed and had content cut and they didn't even try to hide that fact, since Mira (the hottie bounty hunter in kotor 2) was supposed to have her own class (bounty hunter) but it was gutted and made a scout instead.


I just wish the following games were remastered.


Tie Fighter


X-Wing Alliance

Starwars Supremacy (Rebellion for US players)

Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2


I mean, imagine Tie Fighter using the graphics of Battlefront 2..........epic!!!


Imagine Bioware story telling with space Combat, just with far better controls than what Battlefront 2 has.......god that game's starfighter controls are terrible and feels like they meant it to be played with a controller and never optimized it for the mouse.


Anyway, Tie Fighter, X-Wing and X-Wing Alliance could be done into a single game with 3 different storylines with a morality system, where the story allows you to defect at any time and one of the stories would be neutral and be a freighter captain or even better a pirate......attacking shipping lines.....that would be so much fun. lol


I know...will never happen....but one can wish. :-)

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