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Re: Jedi consular companions.

by SerenityofLight

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Jedi consular companions.

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ON the SWTOR forums, the player Keta posted the following reply regarding the Jedi Consular companions:


[QUOTE=Keta;9569008], the JC has been given the short shrift on companion returns so far and nothing much is changing. There was no plan to bring them back beyond a select handful. Anger about it isn't going to get them back faster or at all. Nothing we say or do is going to do that. BW has their own rationale and limitations. The companion returns with less than 2 minutes of story are your story for 2018. Don't like it? Neither does anyone else.You have other options though if it's bad enough.[/QUOTE]


Is any of this true? Are the JC companions sacrificed to the Arcann romance? Why were not told about this since the start of KOTFE? Respectfully, but i want a refund, ALL the subscription money i've payed over 3 years, i NEVER agreed to lies, deception and half-truths.

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Re: Jedi consular companions.

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Companions are being returned for each class slowly with each major patch.


For example in patch 5.9 in April the Jedi Consular companion Lt. Felix Iresso is returning as per the roadmap here.


Other companions will return however would need to wait and see as patches are annoianno what companions return.


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Re: Jedi consular companions.

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It also depends on where the story is going. They seem to be trying to balance returning companions with taking the story back to the Republic versus the Empire. I don't think they have enough people on the team right now. They may not have enough people to write all of the stories we want.

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