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Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

by EA_Kipling

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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

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With strongholds, your stronghold will only be displayed on the public listing if you are currently in game. They would have to have keys to go to your stronghold. However, I hope you get a chance to take pictures at some point. Standard smile

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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

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Oh, thanks serenity, I didn't know about that xD

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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

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I figure I'd hope on the band wagon as well.  I've played the game since launch and taken sporadic breaks here and there for family life.  I mainly play my juggernaut and sorcerer as I love those story lines the most.  My sorcerer makes me feel like palpatine when I play.  I try to help out as much as I can on the forums for those that need assistance though.


I don't have any funny costumes or cool ones.  I just usually wear what I get from story mode of the game.  The main thing for me is collections.  I like collecting as much as possible.  As of this post I have 100% of the emotes.  Those are my favorite to collect.  It's a never ending fun thing to do. Added a screenshot of what I have as of today.




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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

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I started up since late 2.0, every time I'm planning for sub, than I feel less confident about the decision due to same reasons : lack of creative about story, pvp, vicious using GTN, RNG...etc.

I sincerely hope every team member knows how to deal with these ongoing stuff, otherwise not just losing sub, but no bring new players.



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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

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Hi, i am Fiore, regretfully i do not  have any screenshots of my characters, my main is a Sith Marauder. Due to extreme community toxicity, lack of in-game and forum moderation i have unsubscribed and uninstalled SW:TOR, it became almost unplayable and unenjoyable. I am sorry to say this, but i do not plan to ever return to this game, unless whoever has gained unauthorized access to confidential player data is stopped and the abusers accordingly punished.

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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

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I'm sorry to hear you had a such a bad experience Fiore.

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