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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

by EA_Chimere

Original Post

Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

Community Manager

Hello all!

I'm Kipling, and I'm a Commuinity Manager for SWTOR here on AHQ. I've been involved with SWTOR in the Customer Service side of things for over five years now. Splitting the one forum into sub-forums has been a pet-project of mine since I joined the AHQ team back in May, and now we've finally implemented it!

My main character is a Juggernaut, but I've been recently playing through the Trooper story as a Commando and enjoying the hell out of it! I collect pets, I have 87% of all pets according to the Collection Window. My absolute favourite is the Lurker Blurrg because of how fun it is to say out loud :D

As far as off-topic stuff goes, I skateboard (on-and-off since '99), read comic books about 3h on average each day, and I've been recently playing Doom, Unravel, Never Alone, The Witness, and Downwell.

Let's kick things off by sharing the absolute worst looking character or outfit you have, here's mine:



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Betreff: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

Community Manager

Guess I join in :D


As Kipling, I joined the AHQ-Team in May and take care of the English and German Side of things here. 


My Main are Commando/Mercenary (I played them before it was cool and OP!). I played all classes and storylines and enjoy operations the most (Terror from Beyond will always be my fave). Kinda like Kipling, I am a collector. My thing are Tauntauns tho, and one of my rooms in my stronghold is full of all the Tauntaunmounts and pets that are in the game (yes, even the ones from  Hoth).


I am currently also playing Destiny 2 and enjoy my Striker-Titan far too much and beating the Nightfall Strike Timer and getting loot. Sweet sweet loot! 


I have a Sage who sports the peanut outfit when he feels like it and its "wonderful"


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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

Community Manager

Hi everyone!


Like @EA_Kipling, I can be found on the Customer Service side of SWTOR as well, and I've been there for 4 years now. I usually lurk on the French forums but you can sometimes see me here too.


I mainly play Republic characters, but I still have each class at max level (and each advanced class, but instead of replaying the story I used a level 60 token). My first, and main, is a Gunslinger. Otherwise I often play my Sage, who used to be a healer until I found the experience too stressful in Temple of Sacrifice once, and changed it to another discipline. I find tanking with a Guardian fun but my primary role will always be DPS. 


I used to raid a few times a week, Terror from Beyond being my favourite Operation as well. The best pet however, is not a Blurrg, but a Wriggler, and no one can convince me otherwise.


Outside of the game, I read a lot, and I'm a big fan of the Witcher and Devil May Cry games.

My characters are all very fashionable, so I have no idea why @EA_Kipling believes I would ever have an ugly outfit to show here!



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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

Community Manager

Hey now I can be fashionable too!

Just look at my meticulously color coordinated Havoc Squad!



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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

[ Edited ]
★★ Guide

 Hmm so the Answer hub ate my initial post so I guess this will be to tl;dr version.


Hi, I'm that person that likes to play the Sims in space around here. Standard smile I like taking screenshots (often to figure out how the artists made things), making lists of things I want to see made in to stronghold decorations, decorating my strongholds, and dressing my characters.


I used to spend a lot of time on the GTN and I even ran dailies once upon a time. I don't really like running mission though as I hate combat. I know, I know... it's an MMO thing, but combat is just a means to an end for me. Oh yeah, I like story too. I like it so much that I create stories for my own characters.


Here's one of my characters now:


This is C9. She took some damage when Zakuul attacked the world she got caught on needed something to cover up the holes. Voila, a scarf. This is one of the few times she is wearing "clothes". ...but hey it's better than those times she wore a skirt for the weddings of her friends and that one time for a bank robbery. Silly droid.C9 Post Zakuul

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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

Community Manager



I definitely approve of the scarf.

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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

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★★★★ Apprentice

Hey guys !


I'm Awin, I am NOT a community manager for SWTOR, but I DO love the cosmetic side of this game. Who wouldn't love to decorate a fortress with absolutely EPIC items, statues and speeders found across the EPIC stories this game has to offer ? I also play Minecraft and Shadow of Mordor, but I'm currently busy trying to make my appartment in Dromund Kaas a REAL military base Wink For the Empire, of course ; the Siths gave me so much :D


Oh, also : I'm french. So please don't hesitate to tell me if I mispelled a word or something Wink And I DO NOT agree with people saying that "You need to pay to have fun in SWTOR, only subscribers can have cool stuff!!". IT'S WRONG, and I know it : I am not a subscriber at all, but my fortress is STILL as EPIC as if I was : I even have cartel items that I can sell for millions if I want to on the galactic market ! You just need to chat with the right people... Wink


And here goes my character :


Rash'tarii combat.jpg


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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

Community Manager

Welcome @awindai10!  Great to see representation from different account types and play styles!

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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

★★★★ Apprentice

Thanks kipling ^^


Actually i have an idea. If you can go to my fortress, could you share a screenshot of my hangar and my office (upstairs) please ?

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Re: Hello! Come and Introduce Yourself!

Community Manager

Hey @awindai10 , welcome ! :D

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