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Re: Looking for chill squadmates

by ParasyteMadden88

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Looking for chill squadmates

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This is probably a waste of time, but I'm looking for people who want to squad up on ps4 who don't take the game too seriously but can still compete.. I'm tired of playing with randoms.. Almost every game, they just drop in hot and die instantly, or we drop in a decent location, they die, and then proceed to blame everybody else with their toxic rampages. I just want to play with some chill dudes who will work together but not lose their gd minds if something doesn't pan out the way they want.

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Re: Looking for chill squadmates

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Hey I’m also looking for new squad mates to team up with because I getting bored playing with randoms haha.

My psn is abbyh24 feel free to add me Standard smile

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Re: Looking for chill squadmates

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Hey, I am not a dude but I am chill and I love Apex 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Re: Looking for chill squadmates

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Add me on  Psn: I_Want_All_Smoke. I usually play cold and get my gear up before either going for the zone or going for kills, depending on my teammates decision. Of course I do like going in hot spots, that is only if my team is with it.

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