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🔥 (Global) New, organized discord! 🔥

by TTV_IonHyper

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🔥 (Global) New, organized discord! 🔥

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★★ Apprentice

What do we have to offer?!

  • Organized channels for all types of text and voice channels.
  • A unique twitch/content creator ideal, where streamers and content creators can earn the chance to self-promote and get more viewers.
  • Active and mature Staff members to always help out with both technical and game-related questions.
  • Fun and entertaining bots both for game-related and discord-related features to make the community enjoyable.
  • A family-oriented server to minimize toxic people and keep the server enjoyable for players of all ages and skill levels.
  • Dozens of custom roles with different features giving players the ability to earn many through their activity on discord.
  • Organized roles for region and platform so you can easily identify other players to play with.
  • Multiple roles for things like total kills, total games and other fun variables to give each player more show-and-tell.

If this interests you, what are you waiting for?! Hit the link below, invite all your friends and join now! We have some exciting and fun giveaways and prizes planned for when we reach our first 5,000 members!!!

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