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apex legends squad

by AidenHoops

Original Post

apex legends squad

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looking for a squad to play apex with on Oceania serves 

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Re: apex legends squad

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Hey mate

You can always join our Apex Legends Community Discord

The community is quite new,but you might just find someone you can play withStandard smile

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Re: apex legends squad

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Idk wym by Oceania serves but I'm looking for players as well

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Re: apex legends squad

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i mean Australian servers, if you are just add me on origin @AidenHoops
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Re: apex legends squad

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Hello! If you are looking for a casual friendly place to play many games including Apex I suggest trying out our clan UWS. We have players of all skill levels. No sign up required to play but if you do decide to join us go to our website and mention Tyyni sent you there. Add me if you have any questions. I'll be looking for your name!


💻 Website:
🎤 Teamspeak Address:
⏬ Teamspeak Download (free):  Click Here

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