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[NA/EU/AS/OCE] The Beacon Discord

by Rayoon_CS

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[NA/EU/AS/OCE] The Beacon Discord

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★★★★ Novice

------------------------The Beacon Multi-Gaming Community----------------------

Steam Group:

We’re a new Discord Gaming Community, that hopes to let people from all over the world talk, have fun, and game! We're looking to find laid back, and open-minded people to join us! Our goal is to have people from all over the NA, Oceania, EU and Asia regions of Apex Legends.

We play many different games, like Overwatch, Rainbow 6, Apex Legends, Splatoon 2,  Smash Brothers Ultimate, and Anthem, but want to find even more people who play Apex Legends, both Casually, and Competitively!

-----------------------------Just Join! No Hassle!-----------------------------

No need to worry about recruitment! You can join our server, hassle-free, no trial required! Doesn't matter what rank you are.

We also have events (Movie Nights, Karaoke Night, Giveaways) from time to time in lots of different games, both for members, and tournaments (for respective games), where anyone can join!

Got a question? Add me on Battle Net or Discord (Discord is the quickest way to reach me). Or leave a reply on this thread!

Origin: Rayoon_CS

Discord: Li-en#0223

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Re: [NA/EU/AS] The Beacon Discord

★★ Newbie

I met lots of cool people here, playing great variety of games.If you are looking for nice people to play with  you should join this community :D Also they have cookies :D 


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Re: [NA/EU/AS] The Beacon Discord

★★★★ Novice

Glad you are enjoying the community! Deifently loved playing with you and your Bloodhound^^ 

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Re: [NA/EU/AS] The Beacon Discord

★★★★★ Newbie
Been having some good fun in the server recently, managed to get in a few good games of Apex, and got to the semi-finals in an Overwatch tournament.
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Re: [NA/EU/AS] The Beacon Discord

★★★★ Novice

Nice to know you had a good experience! If you liked the Overwatch tournament we definitely will have one for Apex Legends as well! 

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Re: [NA/EU/AS/OCE] The Beacon Discord

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Joi us as we get back into the grove of Apex! 

We are also looking for staff members for this game so if you want to lead a community join and tell us :D

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Re: [NA/EU/AS/OCE] The Beacon Discord

★★★★ Novice
@Rayoon_CS Out here popping bois. let's go get some games!
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