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Re: Looking to squad up

by UWS-Mongoose

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Looking to squad up

★★★★ Newbie

I have 500 kills - just looking for some squadmates to up my win count. plzzzzzz have a mic. NA. my origin is SkaDeuce

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Re: Looking to squad up

★★★★★ Novice

Got abunch of very skilled and expirience players, who would love to play with you. Got squads going 24/7. Feel free to join!

UWS Banner.jpg

More than welcome to come and play with us, lax community with much to offer, around since 2003 so you know we aren't disappearing and have many friends to make. We use Teamspeak, we know it's not as great as Discord but Teamspeak 5 is about to come out making it on par if not better than Discord.

💻 Website:

🎤 Teamspeak Address:

⏬ Teamspeak Download (free):  Click Here

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Re: Looking to squad up

★★★ Newbie

Hi, finally convinced that I got some skill with an average 2 kills per game, took me a while.
Anyone who wants to play together with a not so noob in this game anymore but for sure no pro yet, please add me: Mast3rBoP

Stats not up to date: 

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Re: Looking to squad up

★★★ Apprentice

Seismic is constantly looking for new people to join us! Check us out!

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