Concerns about Match-ups

by anilutku600

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Concerns about Match-ups

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Hello there, i wanted to ask you about something. I happily joined to Origin Access because i'm a fifa fan, and of course wanted to play ultimate team but i'm really frustrated about something. I have built a team of 78-80 average team, with a couple of IF players but i'm only facing with 90+ avg teams on rivals matchups. How do I keep up with them ? because I don't have enough coin to buy cool players, but everyone I see is just somehow have all Inform, 90+ players this is just frustrating. Aren't there any single team that is somehow around my level ? Or would it be just keep going like this ? If this is the case i'm terribly sorry to waste hours in Ultimate team; I enjoy a match of defeat against a team of my level but just facing someone with even their centrebacks are 90+ pacey is you know, just mood killing. I wanted to brag about this, a bit whine about it and asking if there is a possibility of facing teams around my level or did I joined game too late ? Thank you for your answers.

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