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Security question different in game than in account.

by coolkid1181

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Security question different in game than in account.

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I am trying to set up an ultimate team in FIFA 16 and it keeps asking me a security question that I have never seen before.  I went into my EA account and the question does not match what is in there.  I attempted to change the question in my account thinking in may prompt the game to change the question but it won’t let me do that either.  When I attempt to contact someone using the links in other posts it takes me round and round to here every time. Someone please help.

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Re: Security question different in game than in account.

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Sorry for not getting to this sooner @coolkid1181.


Your FIFA security is different from the one on your EA account. 


If you are on your trusted console, the one you set the FUT up on then you should be able to reset the question by entering the wrong answer and locking the account. Once done you need to log into your trusted device and in FIFA enter a new FUT security question when prompted.


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