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Please help me out :)

by t0pline042k

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Please help me out :)

★★★★ Newbie

Hey guys, I'm addicted to FIFA career mode. (PLAYER) and I wanted to know some things if you guys might wanna help:

1. How do you swap a player's position? ex' from ST to RW (LEFT FOOT)

2. Why freekicks and penalties are judged based on the OVR and they player never gives you a chance to shoot too.

3. Why does the team you left offers you to come back 3 times after you rejected them in one month.

4. How does the Approx' Value work? Yellow & Red cards considered?

5. Are there any hidden features which I don't know of? 

If you have read thank you and If you want to help thank you even more Standard smile

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