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Re: Handball probz in Fifa 16

by fifasirjosh

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Handball probz in Fifa 16

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Handball was a huge issue in Fifa 15. And that's carried over to Fifa 16. 

I contacted EA Support earlier today about the handball in Career Mode. Cause it was funny how my player swatted the ball into the net. 
Turns out there is no handball in Fifa 16 Career Mode. There isn't even an option to turn handball on or off. It just flat out doesn't exist. 

The agent I had spoken to, Spencer, did some research and told me that in other modes Kick Off / FUT there is an option to turn it on or off. And that there were reports of the ball being wierd if it were on.. 

In Pro.. there isn't any handball either... this I can understand.. its already pretty stressful as is.. adding handball to Pro Clubs & Drop Ins would suck so much.. 

but people like myself who like to play career mode, like it because of the realistic tune of the mode.

Spencer told me to make a thread suggesting to add handball as an option to Career Mode AND fixing handball in Kick Off / FUT / Tournaments etc


EA Sports really needs to add and fix handball in Fifa 16. It's a part of football / soccer. 

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Re: Handball probz in Fifa 16

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Would be great to have that option!

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Re: Handball probz in Fifa 16

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Handball is the biggest part of a soccer game. And i am a person who likes to take free kicks and penalties and its difficult without a handball to get these set pieces often. It would be great if this problem is fixed. 

Thank you

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Re: Handball probz in Fifa 16

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Hello fifasirjosh,


Actually you can turn on handball for career mode, I do it is annoying though as the ref seems to always give the other team free kicks and not me =(


On the main menu go to customise, then settings and then game settings. press the R2 till you get to Rules and right at the bottom is Handball settings and now you have the choice of on or on (except penalties), do this before you play your career mode.


Have fun

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Re: Handball probz in Fifa 16

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take a screenshot or a picture of your tv showing that setting. On Xbox One it doesnt exist in career mode
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Re: Handball probz in Fifa 16

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im not expecting to hear back from you on this because I know for a fact that Career Mode does not have handball.. it was even acknowledged by the EA Support rep I spoke to.. Spencer.. who also recommended I make this thread..

...and even if.. the handball in Career Mode.. was activated before starting a season.. then it would need to be fixed so that you can adjust it at any point during a career.. it would make ZERO sense to force people into starting a career from the start all over again.. after we're 2 - 3 - 6 - 7 or however many seasons into the career..
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Re: Handball probz in Fifa 16

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Yes please include handball. It makes Career Mode more realistic!!!!!

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Re: Handball probz in Fifa 16

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Hi, as the person earlier said you can turn hand ball on in career mode, at least on PS4.


The option is not in career mode itself but on the main page. I can't remember the exact names of the menus because I'm at work but it is on the settings page where you change the camera and sound and stuff. If you go along the different tabs you will see 'rules' and it is on that tab. When you start your career mode you will see and hear the commentator say "that's a handball"!


Also you don't have to restart your career again.


Hope that helps Standard smile

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Re: Handball probz in Fifa 16

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thanks for the response but it seems you didnt read the entire article.. if you had.. you wouldve noticed where i mentioned that the agent acknowledges that there is no option for it..
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Re: Handball probz in Fifa 16

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Hi sorry but i did read your entire post about the agent saying it is not possible.

My conclusion is that either (since that post is a few months old) they brought a patch out that fixed it or the agent might have got it wrong.

I had already started a career and i changed it mid season and works perfectly for myself.

If you want i can send pictures or videos to show how its done.

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