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Players not growing

by krich1993

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Players not growing

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In my career mode, I've bought about 6 players so far who don't grow at all. I bought Luke Shaw and had him for a whole season and not a single attribute improved. It was the same for Marquinhos, bernard, laporte, lukaku, martial and Kovacic. I've also bought Pogba, Casemiro, Varane, Nastastic, verratti, bruma, bakalli, Markovic, barkley, Papadopulous and Zouma and they are all growing fine. Is there a fix for this? Will they start growing if i send them on loan? Or maybe try the quick loan trick in January?

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Re: Players not growing

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Hi Krich,

I've experienced this too I can't work it out. I have read various different theories some relating to fatigue and matches played, individual match rating and morale. These don't, in my experience, seem to add up. I have bought players young with high potential who have not played regularly but have gone up marginally overall say 1-2 per season. On the hand the same type of player (young high potential) who I've played regularly averaging over 7 match rating per game has not grown at all and I mean at all, not one attribute.

The morale theory doesn't hold water either. I had a midfielder wanted to leave for most of the season very unhappy, went up two in a season. The player I mentioned earlier happy/very happy all season but no growth. I found similar inconsistencies in the fatigue theory too.

One factor I am not sure about, as I haven't played for long enough, is age. Do these players improve in the future? Could a young player suddenly at the age of 23 go up 5 or 6 in a season?

It is interesting too see the players you have mentioned as I have seen growth in players you haven't. Martial who I brought in at the beginning of my second season grew 4 overall playing as second striker in EPL cup matches and coming on as sub. Also had Nastasic who didn't grow at all. I haven't tried the January trick on any high potential so can't respond on that although that has worked on one of my players with lower potential.

The best response I have read is that it brings a little realism to the game. In the way that some highly rated players flop after moving to teams with high expectations. It is clearly not the answer or a fix just a way of looking at it !


please post if you find a fix





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Re: Players not growing

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Well, I have finally found a solution. I had an idea that this would work but i never cared to try it until today. I thought it was easier to just find another high potential player and sell the one who wouldn't grow than to actually find a solution. Well, this time, I brought a 73 rated 16 year old from my Academy and was very excited to develop this beast. Unfortunately, unlike my other less impressive academy graduates, he wouldn't grow at all. I'm sure you'd understand why I wouldn't want to just sell such a player and move on so i decided to try something I've had in mind for a long time and it worked.


This is much easier if the player is under 22 and you can see his potential status (showing great potential, An Exciting Prospect or Have Potential to be Special). If the player is over 21, you will see "Has That Special Something" if the player has the flair trait and the year the player joined the club if he doens't. When the transfer window opens, put the player on loan. I put mine on a season loan but im sure a short loan would work aswell. When you get an offer for the player, save your career before you accept it. After you accept the loan, recall the player right away. On my first try, my player went from "Showing Great Potential" to been at the club since 2015. That means his potential dropped from 80-85 to below 80 and i didn't want that so i quit career mode and repeated the process. The second time i tried it, he had "Has Potential to be Special" and that was great so I moved to step 2. I put the player in my starting lineup and simmed to the 1st of the next month. I then checked his growth and atleast 10 of his attributes increased.


Now, since this actually worked, I'm going to save the game after the player potential changes next time. I didn't save mine so i'll have to do all that over again. Hopefully, I get "An Exciting Prospect" or "Have Potential to be Special" on the first try this time.


If the player is over 21, maybe it'll still work but it'd be impossible to tell if the player's potential changed.


Anyway, I hope this works for you. My test run worked so now i'm going to try it again. I'll update this ASAP if it doesn't work the next time.

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