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FIFA 2014 PS3 Intermittent freezing

by kid606

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FIFA 2014 PS3 Intermittent freezing

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Dear EA

Thank you for the trubleshooting but didn't work.

Also I change the game for a new one and didn't work too, I have use the game in another console with the same result.
I have read in posts and forums that is a common issue between other gameplayers... so, Im not alone in this (at least)!

Do you know when this will be solve? I read about a new patch for this week but im not sure if this will be fixed once for all...

It really annoying to spend your money in a game that is impossible to play, and considering this year comes a new game Im loosing my time also.

Thank you for your support

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Re: FIFA 2014 PS3 Intermittent freezing

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I exactly have the same problem, FIFA2014 on PS3 Fat.
I have already this problem with FIFA 2013, on DVD.
So, I bought FIFA 2014 online, with Sony Store.
FIFA 2014 freeze, and regulary. I'm desappointed the same probleme. So, the problem is not provocated by the DVD player.
I have proceeded to clean maintenance of my PS3, I clean all in, but the problem continue. I remplaced the Hard Drive, nothing, same problem.
All my others softwares run normally, my PS3 never freeze.
I conclue that FIFA software has one **bleep** architecture, a **bleep** conception.



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Re: FIFA 2014 PS3 Intermittent freezing

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The same thing just happen to me right now. First time happen with fifa. EA I would really appreciate if u can help with that problem, all my other games are working very very well. If someone have an idea or a solution for me let me know thanks.
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Re: FIFA 2014 PS3 Intermittent freezing

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My Fifa 2014 on my ps3 has been freezing since I bought it don't know what the problem is I have tried deleting data on my Ps3 to free some space but it still keeps freezing I need help cause its really annoying spending money on a game you can't enjoy
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Re: FIFA 2014 PS3 Intermittent freezing

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i have the same problem on fifa 14

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